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    Another common kind of massage you might have noticed in your vicinity, or that you may have received yourself is the standard sports massage. Sports massages are often given by a physiotherapist or sports massage specialist. This kind of massage is usually used to prepare the body for action. These massages gets the athlete or the sport person ready for the action as the muscles get energized after the massage, to recover from muscle strains that occur while training, or to help increase recovery time post-injury. Sports massage techniques are also used as a general cool-down technique post-activity, to improve general muscle recovery and prevent any kind of injury.

    Swedish massaging techniques are usually targeted to the muscles and joints. It relieves the muscle tension and is capable of loosening the joints which are sore. There are 5 most important strokes in Swedish massage, the stroking, which is known as effleurage. Lifting the muscles after grabbing, known as petrissage. A circular motion of fingers on the body of the recipient, when done with pressure thickest parts of flesh gets massaged. This is called friction. Chopping and tapping forms the fourth one and finally vibration. The therapist creates vibration on the muscles by shaking their fingers rapidly on the recipient’s muscles.elilmiynktion

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