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    File Name: MCMLXXV / Hall of Bones Session 12

    File Submitter: Daniel

    File Submitted: 07 Oct 2014

    File Category: Old School Renaissance

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed



    Returning back to the roots of his roleplaying ‘career’, Daniel drags his band of poor baby noobies through hell and back. Prior to slamming their faces into the brick wall that was B1: In Search of Adventure none of these students had ever gamed before. See how they fare in our all new series.

    Not all players will see the end as you witness the birth of an all new RPGMP3 gaming group.

    Click here to download this file

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    The last half hour of this sounds like a Monty Python sketch. It’s wonderful.

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    After hearing The Hunter (who has apparently attended the Rjägjüjär Hjëlstrjöm School of Always Referring to Yourself in the Third Person) arguing with the paladin over the nature of good and evil, I was hoping to hear someone interject: “Only a Sith Seth deals in absolutes!” 😉

    @[member=Daniel]: This is Dungeons & Dragons, not Nietzsche & Aristotle.

    Have you tried Advanced Dungeons & Discourse? Of course, if you prefer old-school gaming, you might enjoy the original Dungeons & Discourse, as well. (The Art Nouveau wallpaper version is the best.) 🙂

    Re: the Rat King – if the rats knew that the Crown of Glory, AKA the Crown of the Rat King, was special, why would they be willing to trade it for shinies? It made sense for them to trade polished copper pieces for muck-encrusted gold coins, if they’re mostly interested in the glitter factor rather than market value, but it seems excessive for them to willingly hand over some artifact that they know is quite important.

    (Incidentally, the players shouldn’t complain about the Crown of Glory getting renamed. After all, if you own a Crown of Glory and want to put it on, you’ll have to stick your head through a Glory hole.)

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