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    File Name: Mouse Guard Session 01

    File Submitter: ScaleGraze

    File Submitted: 17 Aug 2013

    File Category: Mouse Guard

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    On departing from Lockhaven, the patrol set out to deliver some mail and forge some paths all the way out to the edge of the Territories.

    We also welcome a new player to the group:

    Brenton, who is creating his character in the background to join the patrol next session (Cain- Guard Mouse)

    Intro music:

    Hero Down by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

    Click here to download this file

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    How appropriate that at the beginning of the first official session of a Mouse Guard campaign, all the players decide, independently of one another, to bring cheesy Doritos – and they all bought the exact same flavour. 😀

    It’s true what they say: grate minds think alike.

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    Very nice episode @[member=”ScaleGraze”], could serve as a good introduction to the Mouse Guard RPG, except for the part where the party got bogged down in the social conflict resolution (it might have helped if the GM had brushed up on the rules a little more before the session). 😉 Or are the rules just that complicated?

    Several of the players were new to tabletop RPGs, from the sound of it, and you handled it fairly well, but in hindsight, you might want to take a different approach next time.

    There is a tired old adage: “Show, don’t tell”, which also applies in gaming: instead of telling the players that they should do stuff in character and ‘roleplay more, dammit!’, it might work better to simply engage the players in some in-character dialogue, when appropriate. Even total newbies tend to catch on pretty quickly, once the GM starts talking to them recognizably as an NPC, rather than as ‘some dude sitting behind a cardboard screen’.

    Maybe use some more accents, even ham up your acting – the players will be a lot more likely to do silly and fun stuff, in character, if they get that kind of positive reinforcement of their behaviour.

    For people who haven’t read the Mouse Guard comic books: Did you include characters from the published stories in the game? It sounded like some of the first guard mice that the PCs met were characters from the comic book. Were those characters included in the official starter scenario, or did you decide to introduce them for the benefit of the players?

    Speaking of which, how did you get the group together? It sounded as though most of the players were relative newbies – are they fans of the comic books that you managed to lure into the sinful embrace of the gaming table via their love for the comics?

    PS: What does your beer stein look like? Is it a proper German monstrosity, with carvings and ornamentations and a hinged lid? 🙂

    You might make @[member=”Balgin”] jealous, if he finds out that you’ve got a much cooler way to drink water and cordial and Gatorade etc. than he does – a beer mug that’s held every beverage under the sun, except beer. 😉


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