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    Greetings internet!


    Its been a couple of weeks now since the last update and boy has it been a busy week!


    I have now successfully moved into University after a fantastic weekend dressed as an Orc (pictures, as always, below).  I would have been back sooner, but alas, the University decided I could live without internet (Ha!  The fools!) so after a little Technomancery I have managed to bypass the doohickies, wotsits and level 15 NetTrolls.  Had my first lecture yesterday and have been given a very interesting initial assignment entitled ‘Describe the role of Biology in Consciousness’.  Fun, fun!


    Moving on, what is happening in the world of the Gate Campers?  Because, lets face it, the trainwreck and drama generator that are my groups are the real reason you’re reading this! 😛  Well, as mentioned last time The Schisms has now concluded and the Pantsless Gamers and Gate Campers will soon be reuniting again (hurray).  Hal has now confirmed this is definitely a Thing and will be happening ‘soon-ish’.


    Now that I’m fully set-up on the moving in front, I will shortly start working on all the lovely audio I have stored away from the past six months.  This is an entire season of Tropis featuring a disgraced Knight’s climb to power in a land teetering on the edge of civil war.  Good stuff!  This brings me nicely on to our release schedule.  While nothing is set in stone, the following is my current model (please note the year is assumed to start in September just to confuse the lot of you):


    Q1 Late: Tropis A: Murder at Sturmhalt


    Q2 Early: Tropis A: Secession of the Rose

    Q2 Late: MechWarrior: pilot season


    Q3 Early: Tropis A: season 3

    Q3 Late: Another Game (possibly MechWarrior)


    Q4 Early: Tropis A: season 4

    Q4 Late: Another Game (possibly MechWarrior)


    Speaking of MechWarrior, the conversion is moving along nicely, with the initial beta-tests showing promise.  I still need to tweak a few bits here and there to encourage simplicity and the kind of descriptive roleplay we’re famous for.  Character generation is near-enough complete and is a lot different to anything else we’ve used in the past.  It uses a Life Paths system similar to Traveller and allows for extremely quick generation of well-rounded characters.  There is a chance this style of system may be what we use in future games.  I will be looking to run the pilot at some point during Q1, with a mind to release late Q2


    Other than MechWarrior we’ll be starting season 2 of the current Tropis campaign.  As previous, Tropis will likely be our staple campaign using a tweaked version of Savage Worlds.  Each campaign is scheduled to run for the duration of the year, with short gaps between each of the four seasons.  We already have season 1 recorded and will be starting season 2 soonâ„¢.  We will be avoiding huge 30+ episode seasons and instead use tight, focused storytelling.


    Anyways, I’ve jabbered on for long enough and I need to go do some shopping (D:).





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    Sounds like it’s finally time for the Happy Rocks to be getting their own board section.

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