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    As promised, here is the description I wrote to describe why Igneon, my Warforged Fighter, took a level of paladin.

    As the group turned to look at the door behind them, the glyph of warding flared to life to Igneon’s eyes. Time seemed to freeze around his as an Elven woman in plate armor stepped out of the glyph. She had a halberd in one hand and she held it easily as though she didn’t expect to have any trouble with any of them. It was like it mattered, Igneon observed since his companions appeared to be frozen in place.

    “Igneon,” the woman said quietly.

    “Yes,” Igneon said. Many wondered if Warforged had souls or could even sense the power of a presence. At that moment, the question was answered for Igneon. He knew he was in the presence of someone of great power. He felt compelled to take a knee. It seemed right somehow.

    The woman smiled and stepped forward, resting a light hand on Igneon’s head. “Lost one,” she said quietly. “You have shown honor to the dead, even the dead of enemies. You have accepted an enemy’s surrender when it would have been more expedient to kill. You have shown qualities I did not expect in one of your kind. For that, I will bestow power and blessing on you, if you wish it.”

    “Please, lady, I would know the name of someone who promises me this.”

    “I am known by many names in many places, Igneon. The Lady of Honor, the Maiden of Sacrifice, but more commonly, I am called Dol Arrah.”

    Igneon nodded, “I have heard of you. I fought alongside some of your followers in the war. They were great soldiers and very brave. I would be honored to be counted among their number.”

    “Then swear your oath,” Dol Arrah said, looking down at him, her hand still on his head.

    “I swear on my honor and my name that I will serve Dol Arrah in whatever way she deems fit and swear fealty to no other unless she wishes it. I am her soldier from this day forward,” Igneon recited, the memory of the initiation he had seen on the battle field rising unbidden in his mind.

    She smiled, “I accept. As there is no way for you to go study as would be appropriate for your new path, I will bestow on you knowledge of my doctrine and that of some of the Sovreign Host. It will require contemplation for you to realize it fully, but you will have the basics.”

    Igneon felt knowledge rush into him. He didn’t understand it all, but there was some he did understand that he latched onto. “You are too kind, my lady.”

    “You have great potential, Igneon,” Dol Arrah said. “Don’t squander it.”

    Igneon rose and he felt the holy power infusing him. “I will endeavour to do my best, my lady,” he said evenly.

    “Then that’s all I can ask. Go forth, Igneon, and cleanse this place.” With that, the woman stepped back into the glyph and disappeared.

    Time sped back up and Igneon turned away from the glyph. “Let’s go. We have work to do.”

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    WerewolfPaladin wrote:
    As promised, here is the description

    Hey, that was cool, that would be worth continuing, and if you did I would read it.

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    Maybe when I get home tonight I’ll dig through some of my old writings for some of my other characters and post them.

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    Well, last Friday, my group made a short stint back into the WLD.

    After meandering through area E with no visible result, we wandered back into area A through a different door. There we were met with the troglodyte stench that the rest of the party had issues with. Igneon, being immune to being sickened and nauseated, was unaffected. After a battle with eight stirges that left the Scout and Warlock at CON 3, we decided it’d be best to rest. We found a room with a forge, benches, and tools. The party sent Igneon to retrieve some armor and weapons we’d stashed away and bring them back to the forge. And then because it was such a perfect place to stop, we stopped for the night.

    Not much got done, but I told you guys I’d keep you updated.

    We’re still looking into recording some of this, but we haven’t had a chance to test my friend’s MP3 player.

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