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    File Name: Night Below Session 06

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 25 Feb 2012

    File Category: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party decide to help Thurmaster with a little infestation of giants and end up dealing with a dragon…

    Click here to download this file

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    1 hour, 7 minutes:

    Goggles: “Aren’t you a dwarf of… Bearded dude of the cloth?”

    Ned: “Yeah?”

    Goggles: “You don’t get to be a mercenary.”

    Ned: “Yes, I can!”

    Chris: “Pshh! Dwarven war god.”

    Hal: “Hang on, I believe – isn’t Gorm the god of duty and sacrifice?!”

    Lindsay: “Yes, sacrificing others!” 😛

    Goggles: “I like those gods.” 🙂

    Ned: “And 90% of my gold goes to him, so he should be freakin’ happy.”

    David: “Thought it was 10 percent?”

    Hal: “You can’t appease your god with money, you appease your god with actions!”

    Lindsay: “Then why the crap have I been giving mine so much bloomin’ money, then?!”

    Hal: “Because… you gotta keep big, shiny temples going, as well.”

    Goggles: “See, gods are all-powerful, but they’re really bad with money.”

    Lindsay: “I’m having a crisis of faith.” 🙁

    David: “Aww, every time they get money, they go to Vegas!”

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    1 hour, 22 minutes:

    James: “After resting, replenishing my supplies, warming up my sword arm… Ahhh!” *Flexes his left arm*

    Hal: “That’s your shield arm!”

    James: “My sword arm, urrgh…” *Flexes his right arm*

    Hal: “No wonder you guys are shit!” *In panicked voice* “Which hand do I draw with?!”

    Hal: “Traditionally, this is your sword arm, this is your shield arm. This is for fighting, this is for fun.” 🙂


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    1 hour, 33 minutes – the party encounters some large, unpleasant-looking fellows:

    Lindsay: “I speak Giantish.”

    Hal: “Do you?”


    Hal: *Looks at Lindsay’s character sheet* “That says Orcish, Dwarf, Kobold, and Common.”

    David: “And together they equal: Giant!” 🙂

    Hal: “Oh! Okay, sorry dear.” 😉

    James: “The Lindsay-feat has been played!”

    Lindsay: “I’m trying to make the game easier for you!”

    Hal: “Oh, yeah, sorry.”


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    2 hours, 39 minutes:

    Certain party members make a classic mistake. They try to make a deal with a dragon:

    Lindsay: “Yeah, Thurmaster’s gonna love the fact that you’re giving away their first-born daughters to a frickin’ dragon!”
    Chris: “AND I’M THE EVIL ONE?!”
    Goggles: “I’m offering livestock!” 🙁

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    2 hours, 46 minutes:

    Hal: “They arrive in Thurmaster, they are not dead.”

    Goggles: “I don’t get to say this very often… I… Was wro-“

    David: “UGGABUGGADAH! I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?”

    Goggles: “And I’ll never say that again.”

    Hal: “They come trudging out of the mire, carrying primitive necklaces and badly-made spears.”

    Lindsay: “Fantastic, they’ve gone tribal on us.”

    David: “Ungh! Huggada!”

    Chris: “They’ve been trading with the troglodytes, lovely.”


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    2 hours, 47 minutes:

    The dragon makes good on its promise:

    Hal: “There’s a *thump* noise just behind where they’re standing, and four fomorian bodies land, as if dropped from nowhere.”

    David: “I AM A POWERFUL WIZARD!” 🙂

    Lindsay: “I am a powerful cleric! It was meee!” *Chants* “Aaa-ahhh!”

    Hal: “You feel a powerful wind, something flew overhead.”

    Chris: “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” 🙁


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