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    The party decide to help the town of Thurmaster with a small infestation of giants and end up making deals with dragons…

    Night Below Session 6

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    EPICs Podcast Updated!


    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Hal, Lindsay and the Long Tall Texans. 😀

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    Sweet! I have been going through RPG withdrawal for the last little while.

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    Many thanks to Hal and the players!

    I was thinking about this box set today when I should have been working. What a surprise to come home and find new audio!!

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    Very good session. James should start each session with a rant like that one 🙂

    One Point (SPOILERS BELOW, but I guess there are a lot on the forums):

    It doesn’t seem that Goggles’ deal with the dragon is very popular among the party. Having spent some time as a DM, I’ve gotten a lot of entertainment out of having my players try and deal with less than honorable NPCs. I’m well aware than an agreement with most evil creatures is not worth the (metaphorical) paper that it’s (not) printed on.

    That being said, what’s the harm done?

    -The dragon could go back on his/her(?) word at any time, by not providing protection to the townspeople, demanding exorbitant tribute, or just razing the whole town, but it could have done that before the adventurers showed up.

    -Not only does the “pay (cows) as you go” system help keep the villagers from paying for services they won’t receive, but the dragon could of course take all the cows it wants, regardless of what the mortals say or do.

    -Goggles didn’t weaken the town’s position at all. He didn’t let the bad guy’s army inside the city gates or give the powerful artifact to the power-hungry wizard. The regional power structure remained the same as it was: heavily weighted towards the dragon. What Goggles did was get the promise (soon fulfilled) of valuable services at a relatively low price AND encourage good town-dragon relations in the future.

    I think Goggles did an excellent job negotiating, and I think we all should congratulate him on finally making a useful character.

    (Edit: I guess thats unfair, I’m mostly thinking about Malik and Stendar the Betrayer)

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    Very good session. James should start each session with a rant like that one

    I do try to please the audience!

    Glad you enjoyed the show.

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    One of the funniest episodes yet!


    I thought Goggles had a novel solution to the whole predicament, but I think the party is too used to him not having the best ideas.

    Sadly, now the party is short a magical shield, some rope, and sword(s?). Venturing to get those back might be a good idea.

    I can understand why the party went after the giants, more stuff to kill! Asured exp!

    But I would have shat my pants and ran away after Hal starting specifically mentioning ‘He looks rather strong by the way he’s wielding that tree thunk.’, Especially when you think: that x4.

    Hal gave plenty of warning to you guys, clearly flaunting a big *WRONG WAY* sign.

    Still, James should get props for fighting til the end, as the bravest elf that ever existed on the face of the planet. Maybe a lil sumthin’ extra during character creation.

    Poor James, tar pit millionaire > death by giant.

    Thank you Hal & co.!

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    Really nice episode. The opening was very very funny. And characters showing respect to the Dragon. Wow. Hope this level keeps up.

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    I hope it keeps up too.

    Oh wait, I’m a patron, I can just listen to all the shiny extra stuff that this is totally not a ham-handed plug for. I wonder what becomes of our brave adventurers?

    But in case I missed saying it in the Patron area, I really like this series and here’s a big thanks to Hal and the Texans.

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    Loved Lindsay’s laugh at 2:04:48.

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    Telemergion wrote:

    Oh wait, I’m a patron, I can just listen to all the shiny extra stuff that this is totally not a ham-handed plug for.

    Not ham handed at all. 😀

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