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    You Are Now Entering Emerald City

    After looking through the recently offered preview of Emerald City, it’s now time to explore the rest of the West Coast’s most exciting new destination.

    Emerald City is a new setting for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition and is designed to be the perfect place for new characters to establish themselves as heroes of the city. The set of books includes the Player’s Guide to Emerald City (for players), Secrets of Emerald City and the Emerald City Knights adventure series (for GMs), and a giant map of Emerald City, all in a slipcase. Everything you need to start a new series with your friends.

    You can either pre-order the books for $59.95 and get the PDFs for only $5 more, or acquire the PDFs on their own for $30.00!

    [Note: The PDFs don’t include the index yet, but we will be adding that before the books go to print, and updating the PDFs at that time.]

    Pre-Order Emerald City now

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    Grabbed it early this afternoon.  One of my groups is going to do a superhero run darn it!  I had already purchased the adventure separately, but oh well.

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    This does look good. I think I’ve got to leave it a while as I have far too many books to read through at the moment though. I do like the idea of some supers without Marvel or DC as it will involve less querying of why X doesn’t fix this. 

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