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    Ok, i feel quite bad now.

    Didnt at all mean to make poeple feel bad, was just trying to explain my grumpyness and contraryness of some audios.

    Im realy proud and happy to be part of this project, even if it did take me a few months to get here.

    Ok, no more apologies please.


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    Now I feel bad for making you feel bad.

    How about thinking of it as “understanding” rather than a apology. My wife and I are on our 16th year of marriage and we didn’t get this far without making sure we had a lot of “us” time.

    Group hug ❗

    Now let’s go roll some dice and kill something.

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    yeah I’m 12 years married this October and my wife doesn’t try to understand my hobby but somehow we make it work.

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    Take as much personal time as necessary, guys. It’s more important that you take care of your SO than simply play a game. You two have a have a good relationship don’t let the game sour you on it.

    Even take some time off if necessary. We’ll be here. 😉

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    I love my wife dearly, but she’s not an RPG player. I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself if she did. She is however encouraging and accepting of my hobby.

    Hal… you’ve got it good. 🙂

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    Don’t fret Linds. We all love ya.

    Err… in an extremely platonic, non-Hal-angering sort of way. 🙂

    And we even like Feylin too! “Guk!”

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    Lindsay is lovely! She is a mainstay of the audio and I think one of the reasons that it is so popular!

    All the players bring something different to the table and I think that different listeners relate to them in different ways but as a whole the group is excellent!

    I must say Lindsay is rather long suffering (especially with regards to roleplaying and other small obsessions I may develop) and I am so very very lucky! 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    Love you Mr Hal!!


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    Isn’t young love wonderful

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    Let’s just be sure to archive these posts in case something happens in a future session like, oh I don’t know, a waffle-iron shaped spike trap slamming shut on a certain halfling after failing a completely impossible to make disarm trap check. 😯

    These kind words could come in handy 😉

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    Sorry about my late entry into this discussion. I’ve been a bit of lurker lately because of time limitations.

    I’m here to beg for session #21. I also will post annotated maps for Session #20 soon. I’ve got them finished but not posted (seeing as the group stayed in 1 room the entire time (how long will it take to finish this thing?))

    On the Grumpy Lindsay front:

    I loved Feylin as the unhappy, “get me out of here”, halfling and particularly her banters with Balazaar. It is that kind of character interaction that makes the sessions so interesting. When the characters start to worry about if they are doing the right thing rather than having fun and playing in character it gets dull. Doing the wrong thing for PC reasons always makes the game better.

    The blast from the Wand of Wonder in session #20 was great! Because it went wrong was even better.

    I’m not going into any long stories here but all of the best, funniest, greatest, gaming moments come from players doing things in character.

    In my game I noticed early in the audio sessions (Of Naught and Men) there was a tendency to do the right thing to avoid being “wrong” or “stupid”. As the sessions continued the players got more into their old habits and played for joy and fun.

    Give ’em hell Lindsay and don’t let that Rat Bastard Wizard get away with anything!


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