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    (Wasn’t sure where to post this. Also we do not record our games.)

    Our group is currently looking for one or two people to join us as game masters and players. You must be willing to do both. We are not looking for just players.

    Our new game time is Thursday nights from 9pm to 2am Eastern Time. We are looking to have about five hours of game per week. At most we would play until about 3am at the latest. We use Skype for voice chat because online gaming goes a lot faster with voice chat and Skype is our preferred program. We use MapTools (version 1.3.b87) as our gaming table. It’s easy to use and free.

    As a game master we are looking for people who have game mastering experience, are willing to game master once or twice a month, and willing to use or learn to use MapTools. The genre and system should be something that you as a game master have a passion for and enjoy, but should also be something that interests the players. I’d say as a group we are open to most genres and systems though there are some we’d rather not play.

    As a player in our group you’ll have to be at least willing to try different systems and settings. I am currently running a homebrew fantasy game using the Savage Worlds system. Others games that are being worked on, but haven’t started yet, are a homebrew fantasy using the EABA system and a homebrew game set in the Buffy/Angel universe using Unisystem.

    We’ve been playing together for several years and our group dynamic is very important. With that said be aware that joining us will be on a trial basis as we’ll want to get to know you as a player and game master.

    Anyone who is interested can post something here or send me a private message and we can discuss the details further.

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    This seems like a good place for it to be 🙂

    I need to think about a recruitment section on the forums 🙂

    Welcome aboard… 🙂

    Hal :hal:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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