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    So, I come from one of those dark corners of the world where those who know what roleplaying is believe it involves gathering together a bunch of virgins and preforming evil deeds with and upon them. And not in the way that’s generally true, either. 😉 I’ve noticed that a lot of groups are doing their thing online now, and given how I have no prospects on that front at home, I thought it sounded like a jolly good idea. I haven’t roleplayed since I was about six, and I’ve always wanted to break into the hobby again, particularly as a GM. Now the question is, how do I go about it? Naturally, I figured I’d ask this question on the one dedicated roleplaying forum I’m a member of.


    So, can I tempt anyone to game with a really nice stranger? Or, if not, can someone point me to a better place to ask?

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    • Thri-kreen

    There’s a really quite remarkable website called Roll20, which is basically a virtual tabletop. You can start your own campaigns, or find ones run by others in their community. The site itself is intuitive, clever and detailed, yet easy to get the hang of with a bit of practise. I’m currently studying in London, but all the people I used to game with are back up in the North of England, so it’s been a lifesaver for me! 



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    All hail Tulty, savior of lonely nerds. They’ve even got a Looking for Group button. ^_^

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    Indeed. Roll20 is an excellent tool and seems to serve as a fairly decent community from the comments I’ve heard. Especially if you wish to run a game, I doubt you’ll find yourself with any lack of players. GMs are always in short supply. If you’d like to see how it functions, I’d suggest watching some of the RPGMP3 Youtube videos, the later ones, where we use Roll20 as an app inside Google+ hangouts.

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    Or meander over to the shiny new Forum Game area, where PBP games may be initiated at the visitor’s whim.

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