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    • Thri-kreen

    So have you ever played a character who was opposite your gender? I have and still do occasionally. Sometimes it brings something new to the game. I’ve been doing it less though since my girlfriend moved into my area and started gaming with us.

    Edit: Of course, it dawns on me that I failed to specify gender. I’m a guy for whatever it’s worth.

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    • Orc

    If Hal hadn’t stipulated that we not confuse the listeners by opposite gender roleplaying, all of my clerics would have been female 😀

    I think in the 15 years that I’ve been roleplaying, less than a quarter of my characters have been male 8)

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    • Thri-kreen

    I’ve probably been edging towards 50-50 historically with the deluge of characters I’ve played recently. But I used to be heavily weighted towards playing female characters myself. Actually used to get compliments from some of the girls that gamed with us in college. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 🙂

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    • Owlbear

    All my P&P caracters are male all my MMORPG characters are female . what that says about me I don’t really know

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    • Thri-kreen
    Anonymous wrote:
    All my P&P caracters are male all my MMORPG characters are female . what that says about me I don’t really know

    Who knows… maybe being uneasy playing the opposite gender “in person” (a screen avatar has a certain amount of anonymity, anyway), or maybe just the Francis Effect:

    (obviously, not knowing anything about you I’m just making idle guesses)

    Personally, I think I may be around 50/50 with a leaning towards female characters (am male), though my last two or three characters have been male.

    Also haven’t played much the last three years due to studying abroad, so I just get back into gaming over summer really…

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    • Orc

    I have 3 main P&P characters one of which is female. I generally play female characters in CRPG’s however, which I put down to them just looking better to me. Most male CRPG characters are just musclebound tanks.

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    • Orc

    That guest above was me (:oops: ) and yes it probably is the Francis effect.Mind you my guild wars characters have a member of my guild convinced I am a RG(that Real Girl) and no amount of telling him otherwise seems to be working.

    This worries me but the rest of the guild thinks it’s hilarious.

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    • Commoner

    Heh, I’ve had that happen in World of Warcraft before.

    I think that I stray towards 50-50 as well, though the vast majority of my PnP characters are male and the vast majority of my CRPG and MMORPG characters tend to be female. Probably the Francis effect, yes.

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    • Thri-kreen

    i cant play women, so i dont, and i get massively comfused buy other p&p players playing cross gender unless its steve cause ive got used to him.

    however online i have female toons, largely cause they are nicer to look at, plus in coh they get better costume choices.

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    • Succubus

    I tend to vary what I play.

    Though most of the more memorable characters were female (including an Issaris Priestess in RQ2 who started a personal vendetta against Black Fang after they killed her husband).

    One of the more fun was a Charisma 18, Wisdom 7 Magic User who was a pyromanic…

    Would have made Balazzar Proud the amount of fireballs she cast, occasionally when the rest of the party WEREN’T in range… 😈

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Being the DM means I have to play female npc’s when required, but most tend to be rather “Monty Python” like, with old woman voices.

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    • Succubus

    “Old Woman!”



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    • Owlbear
    Anonymous wrote:
    All my P&P caracters are male all my MMORPG characters are female . what that says about me I don’t really know

    What it says runs along the lines of: “it is better to play a girl you can see than a girl you can only imagine.” Perfectly normal viewpoint, especially in UT2K4.

    As for me, All my monks are girls, fighters are guys, sorcs go male, wizzies go female, druids, rogues, clerics rangers and paladins are guys, barbs, bards and most others are female. I play it by character class, mostly because having a girl going in and beating the sh*t out of a dragon with her fists makes for great roleplaying after the dragon is dead.

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    • Orc
    Shathis wrote:
    “Old Woman!”



    Hahaha, time to download Holy Grail. 😀

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Yes, I played a pre-generated character female Dark Elf mage called Gaba who was Chaotic Good in a one-off game Christmas 1st Edition AD&D game years ago (possibly late 80s when I was of school age).

    The scenario was based loosely on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Don’t groan it seemed quite promising) All us PCs were an adventuring group who had been hired to protect the innocent Housekeeper Miss White from the unwanted attention of Prince Charming while the Dwarves went mining.

    Prince Charming (a magic-user) turned up on horseback with a small band of followers and engaged us in combat, he rather seriously damaged our party by casting Charm Person and getting a member of our own party to attack us while he and his followers escaped.

    During the night a spell casting sniper was attacking the cottage from a distance and so Gaba used her Wand of Wonder in the direction of the attack after using her raven farmilliar to pinpoint the spot. The wand caused the grass to grow very tall, preventing any spellcasting through this barrier.

    My usual DM playing a fighter type character went berserk at this and attacked Gaba deliberately severing one of my character’s hands and then, I had to leave the session unfinished! 🙁

    Given the bland way I used to play characters then I can’t understand to this day what irked him so much!

    I don’t think that it wise to play characters of the opposite sex.

    I wince at the memory of male players trying to do a flirtatious female laughs. And I’ve a sneaking suspicion that listening to two males (GM and player) trying to flirt as male/female characters would probably damage my sanity irretrievably. 😯

    I suspect that females players with male PC would immediately do the same as males do with female PC’s and use every gender cliche in the book that correspondes to the worse aspects of the male sex, I can see it now;

    ‘I drink lots and burp’,

    ‘I leer at the girl’,

    ‘I scratch myself’,

    I don’t think I’d play a female character again – the only exception to this would be if I was able to play a mage in AD&D again;

    I’d like to play a classic grey haired old witch type I think by doing this I could evaid the typical gender cliches and instead fulfil a whole other set of much more fun and less obvious cliches. 🙂

    (This idea is inspired by the Meg and Mog childrens books and the witches from that scottish play.)


    Cackle insanely (easier for blokes to do a old woman voice), 😆

    Carry a cauldron about,

    Refer to my ‘beauty warts’ and ‘green sheened skin with a texture like sandpaper’

    Pretend to lose my false teeth all the time,

    Call the other players ‘young man’

    (not in a Harry Enfield old lady way though!),

    Have a foul tempered flea ridden cat familiar called Tiddles or Bumbles or similar silly name that would urinate everywhere.

    Have a casting rhyme or ditty for every spell,

    say that I’m only adventuring till ‘I can afford to buy a new roof for my hovel in the woods.’

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