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    Think back… check and try to remember… what lines made you laugh the hardest, were the most unexpectedly funny and just stayed with you. I’ve got many but here are a few.

    DM: They’re full of poison and badness. (referring to fiendish rats)

    Feylin: I tug on his robes and look up at him questioningly

    DM: You discuss Torm. He discusses his twisted kobold god.

    Gerout: Better be careful he doesn’t convert -you-.

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    DM: A rat hat?

    Feylin: You killed my pet!

    Feylin: I’ll call him Lizard. Lizard the Lizard.

    All: TORM. GOOD.

    “Cat Jerky!”

    “Kobold stool.”

    Feylin: Chips!

    Gerout: That’s what we do! We’re adventurers! We kill things!

    I have more… XD

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    “Leader of the Bugbear Nation!”

    Sing it!

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    “I hit it with my stick”

    “That’s my line!”

    That was probably #1 on my list.

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    I tend to like a lot of the OOC comments. There have been a ton that have made me laugh. Usually it’s the oft-asked question “Is that a euphanism?”. From Session 7 (I think) the comment about “Simon, dwarven god of tree climbing” & “Trisha, dwarven god of cake decorating” had me laughing.

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    arkham wrote:
    “Leader of the Bugbear Nation!”

    Sing it!

    “Leader of the Bug-bear Na-tion!” 😛

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