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    Out of the BAG: The Sundered Skies continues! Lo, a veritable shipload of audio awaits your listening pleasure – now with added commentator track by Max and Kai’s dads (AKA Steve and Ross):

    Episode 9

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13

    Episode 14

    Episode 15

    Episode 16

    Episode 17

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    Just to whet your appetite, here’s some highlights from episode 9:

    As the recorder is switched on inside the slightly hot and sweaty conservatory at Ross’ house, the race across the Sundered Skies continues. Our heroes are now looking for Meeting Place, a renowned orcish haven; an artificial sky island made entirely from scavenged ships tied together, a stitched-together hive of scum and villainy.

    Just as they are preparing to enter the orc port, a man quite literally drops out of the sky. The players get a chance to exercise their ‘Mop Deck’ skill rolls, as gory bits of misfortunate sailor are strewn across their ship upon impact.

    Kai: “I cover myself in his blood!”

    Pollock, Ship Urchin #1: “Why are you all covered in blood? You’re smelly and icky, you need a bath.”

    Kai: “This is, umm… my new shampoo! ‘Cause you’re worth it, l’Goreal. Look, I can lick it off, I’m a cat! *NYAH*”

    GM: “You can get diseases! In fact, give me a Vigor roll to avoid getting sick.”

    Kai: “Weeell, I haven’t actually done it yet. Emma! generate some water – or I’ll use Karma Thief on you.”

    Emma: “You can’t bribe me with Karma Thief.”

    Kai: “It’s not bribery, it’s blackmail! Do it, or the hordes of chaos shall march in here, the dancers and the warriors, and destroy everything you own.”

    Emma: “Now you make me NOT want to do it.”

    Arriving in Meeting Place, they’re told to look for Keelbender, a local shipwright, who can give them directions for the next part of the race.

    “You soon find a large orc with spanners and a beard: *BANG BANG BANG* What do you want? I’m busy hammering.”

    “Oh, I thought you had Tourettes.”

    The orcs are starved for entertainment, and explain that the adventurers have to fight another ship’s crew for right of passage. While preparing for battle, some of the party members go shopping for magic items, and end up in Grigg’s Emporium of Wonder, a shop run by a wizened old orc crone.

    Grigg: “Would you like to buy a lucky charm? Maybe a lucky skylar’s head, or possibly these magical flowers plucked from Heartland itself.”

    Kai: “Do you have an ugly tree? ‘Cause it looks like you’ve fallen down one, before.”

    Grigg: “Or what about this magic knife, that can cut the toughest of steaks, but at the speaking of a command word, you can turn it around… and it’s A SPOON!”

    Max: “OH MAI GAWD, GET IT! Seriously, it’s a spoon, AND a knife!”

    Grigg: “Or how about this, look! At first glance it appears to be a normal fork, but see how the prongs are quite short? It is a fork-spoon!”

    All four players: “Get it! Get it!”

    Grigg: “Use it for stabbing your meat, AND eating soup! Perhaps I can interest you in my complete arcane silverware set? This complete set can be yours for only 200 cogs – but that’s not all! If you buy the complete set today, you get the FREE cutlery cleaning kit! …And also this box of chopsticks!”

    The adventurers are also in need of some refined cultural stimulation, that can relieve the maddening ennui of lengthy voyages in the Glow-torn skies.

    Grigg provides them with the biography of a man who sounds hauntingly familiar, somehow…

    “Do you have the complete box set of the Adventure Time show?”

    “Adventure Time? Hmm, I do have this mint condition set of the adventures of Captain Socrates – sky adventurer!

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