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    A Sundered Skies session from the Out of the Bag kids…

    Sundered Skies Session 05

    Filesize: 102MB

    Ross (and Pencil Monkey) wrote:
    are heroes encounter a new friend with an unusual hobby and play a dangerous game of sleeping logs in the shattered city.

    Now with added sound effects! Guaranteed 7% more clamorous! Experience the adventure in glorious Monkey-Surround Sound!

    Gasp in horror at the raucous cat-calls when the talking feline loses his pants!

    Tremble as abominable zombies shamble closer, groaning for your tender brains!

    Giggle childishly at the amusing flatulent noises!


    Max: “Ross, for future reference, there’s minuses when doing that maneuver.”

    Kai: “OH MAH GAWD, Max, why did you have to tell him that?!”

    Max: “‘Cause eventually, he’s gonna look at the table and notice.”

    Ross: “Yes, thank you, Max – MWAHAHAHAAA!”

    Ross: “My name is Josef Truthbearer.”

    Kai: “We’ve been watching you for a while! You look beautiful while you’re sleeping.”

    Ross: “It was my impression that your kind can’t go mad?”

    Max: “He’s… the other kind of mad.”

    Kai: “If I put my dad’s corpse in a position so it’s always hugging me – I can always keep him as a backpack!”

    Emma: “It’s like in Human Centipede, whe-“

    Ross: “Nooo! We’re not talking about Human Centipede.”

    Emma: “But my mum told me-“

    Ross:NOOOOO! That’s right, Max, keep your fingers in your ears, we don’t want to know.”

    Kai: “That’s got raisins in it – Max has a hatred for anything vaguely healthy.”

    Max: “That’s not true! I played Wii Fitness yesterday.”

    Kai: “Doesn’t count.”

    Ross: “Nah, you can’t eat Wii Fit.”

    “Four zombies are attacking me?! Ross, you flatter me!”

    “Yeah, well, I’m not a fighting character, I’m an ass-kicking character.”

    Ross: “He takes it like a boss.”

    Kai: “You’re not cool and trendy when you say that, you know.”

    Emma: “Neither are you, Kai, but you say it 24/7.”

    “I am not putting my shoes on! They are covered in zombie guts…”

    “She may be a lady, but she’s a dwarf.”

    “…Matting in your hairy toes! You can feel an eyeball go *POP* under your feet.”

    “Oh, hell!”

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Hal, Ross and the little BAGs

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    Thanks mr monky! Carnt wate to give the enhanced version a listed!

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    hairf way thrue this at work, its ACE!!!

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    Most fun!

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    I’d better hurry up and upload some more, then – can’t let Hal get too much free time on his hands, he’ll just start thinking he’s entitled to have a life away from this website. 🙂

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