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    Something else from the OotB kiddos…

    Sundered Skies Session 06

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    Ross (and Pencil Monkey) wrote:
    BATTEL TIME!!! heads pop, cat people perform ridiculous stunts and the players continue to re-name my NPC’s 🙁


    “I’m gonna harvest the dragon’s nipples!”

    “You can’t, they’ve already been turned into gun turrets – and dragons don’t have nipples.”

    “They have crystals that show the world outside the ship.”

    “We have something like that, it’s called a win-dow.”

    “I shoulda said: ‘Don’t move, or I’ll start reading extracts from the Twilight books!'”

    “Shut uuup! People listen to this.”

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    You have to fight fire with fire start changing there PCs names. Thank you Hal and Ross. 😀

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    Thanks for this. I’m looking forward to listening to it

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    Adding this to today’s queue.

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    Neet, enjoy 🙂

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