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    The mini baggers take on some more Sundered Skies…

    Sundered Skies Session 07

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    Ross wrote:
    all the sky’s are buzzing with news of a grand race! are heroes also learn a few lessons in urban survival.


    Ross: “Scuse me, I’ve gotta go beat my eldest son.”

    During the momentary absence of parental guidance and iron-fisted GM rulership, the players get uppity and start discussing naughty topics – like certain infamous stomach-churning internet memes.

    Emma: “I’m glad my mum’s not gonna listen to this, but I’ve seen the original – it’s a video of a girl crapping in a c-“

    Kai: “Two girls, NEKKID, crap in a cup – and lick it. Sounds like a normal day in my life!”

    Emma: “Oh gawd, your dad’s gonna listen to this!”

    Ross: “…Right then, eldest son: beaten!”

    Kai: “The test results came back: you’re a horrible person, Kai. They actually say that – and we weren’t even testing for that!”

    Some time is spent designing the appearance of the good skyship, The Rosy Runner.

    Kai: “What’s the ship’s figurehead?”

    Max: “The corpse of your in-game dad.”

    Kai: “OMG, that’s actually really cool.”

    Dylan: “That’s really sick and disturbing, having your dad strapped to the front.”

    Kai: “Wait till you see the best part: when his head opens, a cannon comes out!”

    The GM encourages the players to do another storytelling montage, where their characters swap tall tales of their previous lives (in exchange for some fat roleplaying XP, obviously). Some of the players take it more seriously than others.

    Max: “The first pirate hacked at me, but I swiftly hacked him down, and then spun and hacked my cutlass down acro-“

    Dylan: “You like ‘hacked’, don’t you?”

    Max: “Anyway, as the pirates surrounded me, the captain was, perhaps unknowingly, protecting my flanks, and th-“

    Emma: “What’s your flanks? Your buttocks?”

    And some of the players don’t take it seriously at all.

    Kai: “…And that is the sad sad story, my friends, of why I don’t have a mullet.”

    A discussion of the relative value of the four suits of playing cards is had.

    Kai: “Diamonds are worth more than spades, although hearts might sell for more on the black market – or if you can find some rich vampires.”

    As the players venture into town to sign up for the Great Skyship Race, Robin the Invisibilist is annoyed when someone bumps into him on the street, and then infuriated when he realizes that his wallet is gone – cue dramatic chase scene!

    Ross: “Why are you killing an innocent cabbage seller?!”

    Kai: “COZ HE’S IN MY WAY!!”

    The pickpocket turns out to be a kid; a little guttersnipe called Pollock, and the players end up recruiting him.

    Pollock: “You have to talk to Robster, the secretary – he’s a little bit of a dick.”

    Gertrude: “Excuse me, you shouldn’t have a language like that!”

    Robin the Invisibilist:

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    bloody kisds, words will be had and tigter ristrictons put on the internet :-/

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