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    Mini Baggers are the last out of The Vault this evening…

    Sundered Skies Session 08

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    Ross wrote:
    the party start as they mean to go on while there opponents do likewise


    Ross: “It’s boxed text time! I was once playing in a horror game, with vampires and stuff, and the GM was reading the introduction aloud, but the guy forgot to stop reading when he got to the secret stuff, like “Weatherby’s the vampire”… I won’t do that, coz I’m a professional box-text-reader.”

    Our brave adventurers arrive in the city of Gateway, where they’re told they need to visit a clerk called Morton Vastfell to obtain one of the tokens they need to win the race. The players discuss the best way to ‘parlay’ with the man, D&D-adventurer-style.

    Kai: “We’re all so nice, aren’t we? ‘Let’s nick all the tokens, let’s set his house on fire, let’s massacre him’.”

    Morton Vastfell turns out to be a regular butterball, which surprises the PCs – food is not plentiful in the Sundered Skies, making obesity a rare occurrence. The harbor clerk is clearly corrupt (not least because he’s been able to afford a chair sturdy enough to support his massive girth), and the party decides to exploit his greedy nature, even if Vastfell’s palms are terribly greasy already.

    Ross: “He accepts the bribe and slams a metal token on the table.”

    Emma: “You gave him a what? A bra?!”

    Max: “No, a bribe.”

    Kai: “Yeah, bribe him with a bra – he needs one for those man-boobs!”

    Kai’s older brother drops in.

    Bradley: “Did anyone die yet?”

    Ross: “No, not yet – they were all nearly eaten by a sky-shark, though.”

    Kai: “Kill Max!”

    Bradley: “Yeah, kill him for his fashion sense.”

    Kai: “Max is wearing a black and bright green tracksuit bottoms, black rain jacket …and school shoes – with a heel!”

    At the end of the evening, experience points are dispensed with great care and Solomonic wisdom. Nevertheless, some of the players try to use their Adventure Cards to redistribute the XP.

    Ross: “Banned card.”

    Max: ”I warned you about that; if you don’t want us using it, you should’ve taken it out of the deck before you dealt the cards.”

    Ross: “Banned card!”

    Kai: “Why?!”

    Ross: “Coz I banned it.”

    Kai & Max: “ARRRGH!”
    Ross: “Banned! Jeezus, suck it up – if you don’t like it, run your own game, kid.”

    Kai: “Listeners! Annoy my dad as much as possible on facebook, he will be in the rpgmp3 group.”

    Emma: “Can I give you another reason why you should let us use the card? Because you love us dearly.”

    Ross: “Awww!”

    Kai: “You suck at GMing.”

    Ross: “I have changed the rules… Pray I do not change them further.”

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    thanks man 🙂

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