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    Preview the Prizes for the 2013 FFG World Championship Weekend

    The second annual FFG World Championship Weekend is rapidly drawing near, so make your plans now to join us this November 7th – 10th at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN!

    Pre-register today to play against the world’s best players in World Championship tournaments for six different games:

    Each of these world-class events provides you an opportunity to compete against a top-level field of international and enthusiastic opponents. They’re also your chance to vie for gamer glory and some of the coolest prizes you’ll find anywhere in gaming!

    Android: Netrunner and Warhammer: Invasion World Champion Jeremy Zwirn
    with his two World Championship trophies

    Commemorate Your Victory

    It’s not easy to win the title of World Champion. Only one person can win a game’s top honors each year. That’s why if you win any of our World Championship tournaments, you’ll walk away with some truly distinctive prizes:

    • In addition to a trophy, the World Champion for each of our Living Card Game® (LCG) tournaments wins a one-of-a-kind Champion playmat. These exclusive playmats will literally never be produced again, making them every bit as distinctive as your victory.

    The 2013
    Warhammer: Invasion World Champion playmat

    • To win the high-speed dogfights of X-Wing, you have to know how to maneuver your starships for maximum advantage. That’s why, the X-Wing World Champion will take home both a trophy and an exclusive set of movement templates, all inscribed with the words, “World Champion.” The next time you maneuver your squad, your opponent will know he’s facing an ace!
    • Finally, each of our LCG World Champions will win what is arguably the coolest prize in gaming: the chance to work with the game’s developers to design a card! That means that each LCG World Championship is your chance to make a lasting mark upon the game you love.

    Additionally, other competitors will earn cool prizes at each tier of the tournament:

    • The Runner-Up of each World Championship tournament will receive a sleek World Finalist plaque featuring some of the game’s best artwork. (One will be awarded to each of the three Runners-Up at the top table of the A Game of Thrones Melee World Championship.)

    The 2013
    Call of Cthulhu World Championship Runner-Up plaque

    • The Top 4 of each World Championship tournament will receive a commemorative messenger bag with bold, game-specific artwork.

    Custom messenger bags for the Top 4 participants of the
    A Game of Thrones Melee
    Star Wars: The Card Game World Championship tournaments

    • Exclusive 2013 World Championship playmats featuring stunning artwork will be awarded to the Top 16 players of the A Game of Thrones Melee and Joust World Championships, the Android: Netrunner World Championship, and the Star Wars: The Card Game World Championship.

    The playmat to be awarded to the Top 16
    Star Wars: The Card Game participants

    • The Top 8 competitors in the Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer: Invasion World Championships will also receive exclusive playmats.
    • The Top 16 participants in the X-Wing World Championships will receive acrylic movement templates.

    The alternate art Private Security Force from the 2013 North American Championships at Gen Con Indy

    Finally, all competitors in our World Championship tournaments will walk away with new alternate art cards:

    • Any player entering one of the World Championship tournaments for our LCGs will receive a new alternate art card with full-bleed design and an art piece commissioned specifically for the event.
    • Each X-Wing participant will walk away with a new Boba Fett ship card that features a movie still from the classic Star Wars trilogy.

    We’ll also award a number of other prizes to players participating in the weekend’s side events, including (but not limited to) alternate art cards, playmats, and plaques.

    Pre-Register Today

    While everyone who participates in the World Championship tournaments gets a custom participation prize and a shot at greater glory, only those who pre-register by October 18th get a free 2013 World Championship Weekend t-shirt.

    This heavy-duty, blue, 100% cotton t-shirt is a classic souvenir that you can wear anytime you want, so don’t delay your registration and miss out on your chance to get one.

    Pre-register to get a free 2013 World Championship Weekend t-shirt

    The pinnacle of Fantasy Flight Organized Play, the FFG World Championship Weekend comes just once a year, so come join us as we work to make this event the highlight of your gaming calendar. Pre-register now!

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