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    Some more Jade Regent…

    Pathfinder: Jade Regent Session 07

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    Lockhart wrote:
    Episode 7: Storming the Castle

    Leaving the graveyard, the party explore the ghost town a bit more then head to Brinewall Castle and deal with flightless birdmen, spiders, and catapults.

    Audio Note: The recorder was not set on the usual settings, so this session is at a lower quality level than normal. Gravity also causes some trouble a couple times. Sorry.


    Carter as the GM

    Aimee as Storm Blackfire, Half-Elf Barbarian

    Brian as Harold Shinken, Half-Elf Cleric

    Brad as Ash Lonechild, Human Summoner, with Misty the Eidolon

    Intro music provided by

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Mr. Hal and YGG!

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    Woah, Misty got alot more volumptious since the last picture. Great work PM! I mean, with the drawing, not Misty’s increased proportions. Not that Misty’s bad, what I mean to say is… I’m gonna stop there. 😛

    Also, because I think it applies: Misty used a Pound attack! It’s super effective!

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