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    More caravanning…

    Pathfinder: Jade Regent Session 09

    Filesize: 94MB

    Lockhart wrote:
    Episode 9: The Lovers’ Quarrel

    The party pursues the Oni master of Brinewall Castle, however he escapes their attack. After a bit more exploration and some combat, they meet an unlikely ally who has a plan to kill the Tengu Oni, but can she be trusted?


    Carter as the GM

    Aimee as Storm Blackfire, Half-Elf Barbarian

    Brian as Harold Shinken, Half-Elf Cleric

    Brad as Ash Lonechild, Human Summoner, with Misty the Eidolon

    Intro music provided by

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Mr. Hal and YGG!

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    You’re welcome happy listener 🙂

    Hope you enjoy. Maybe post your favourite quote of the session after you’ve given it a listen. 😛

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    “You would emotionally damage him.”

    “I would totally kick his arse.”

    “That’s what she gets for not moving the cup when she’s asked to.”

    “Nyah nyah!”

    *Muppet voice* “Beaker, put down that acid! Oh, gawd!”

    Carter: “You brought Captain Morgan? I don’t suppose somebody would pour me a Captain and coke?”

    Brad: “Eh, pour him a Captain and Captain.”

    Carter: “Haha! The number of enemies doubles and they appear sporadically – why are there monkeys in the castle all of a sudden?”

    Brad: “Why WEREN’T there monkeys, before?”

    Carter: “E-he-hic-sactly!”

    “Ooh, Carter’s moved out from his parents’ house, now.”


    “Freedom from good meals from mother!”

    “Shut up, you!” *Sob*

    “That’s why you come visit us every Friday night… now that he’s moved out, he comes here for cooked meals.”

    “Ah, but we order out for take-away all the time, and that makes him cry.”

    “I bring the gift of death!”

    “It suddenly appears, as it moves very, very, VERY quickly.”

    “Like a spider-monkey?”

    “So we’re fighting Speedy Gonzales?”

    “It flits over here, using some of its 120′ move speed…”

    Players: 😯

    “Did anyone bring a rail gun?”

    “That would be a really good idea – except it can outrun rail guns.”

    “How long does it take for this poison to work?”

    “Not long – then again, I might wait with you.” 😈

    “Ohoho! Let me return the favor – BONK!”


    “Why can’t you be paralyzed faster, and NOT ruin my artwork?”

    “Oh, it paralyzes me? Well, I did say I wanted to get stiff, but…”

    “And the barbarian lady can’t be angry anymore; that time of the month has passed.”

    “Like the moon.”

    “What. The. FUCK! Just happened?!”

    “It was kinda like fighting the Flash.”

    “I wanna play one as a character!”

    Nooo chance!”

    When taxidermists go Chaotic Evil:

    “Awesome! Awesome-possum, awesome-stitched-together-horror-possum.”

    “…Is that a human centipede?!”

    “No, they’re face-to-face.”

    Appraise skill in action:

    “How much do you think this is worth?”

    “I thought you had the Appraise skill?”

    “Yes, but I want a sucker’s opinion, so I know how much I can sell it for.”


    “See, market level isn’t dictated by skill, it’s dictated by stupidity.”

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