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    Jade Regent continues…

    Pathfinder: Jade Regent Session 15

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    Lockhart wrote:
    Episode 15: Welcome to Kalsgard!

    Entering the Viking Metropolis, the party get down to the most important of adventuring tasks, selling their loot and buying better equipment.


    Carter as the GM

    Aimee as Storm Blackfire, Half-Elf Barbarian

    Brian as Harold Shinken, Half-Elf Cleric

    Brad as Ash Lonechild, Human Summoner, with Misty the Eidolon

    Intro music provided by

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    Hal :hal:

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    During the pre-game discussion on the topic of squashing bugs:

    “It was yellow and it was gross, it went everywhere!”

    “You don’t have to feel bad squashing them, they’re not reincarnations.”

    “You never know.”

    Brian: “Vikings are just pirates from the middle ages.”

    Brad: “With horns on their hats.”

    Lockhart: “Y’know, it’s funny you should say that… *Rustling pages of flavor text* In Karlsgard, local fashion dictates that both men and women should wear helms with wings, plumes, snakes, crests, etc. It’s considered bad luck, however, to have horns on the helm.”

    Brian: “Yes, you keep getting stuck in door frames, for some reason.”

    “What’s a kusari-gama?”

    “That’s the name of the type of weapon.”

    “So the weapon itself is called The Dancing Wasp? But what does it do?”

    “…I honestly don’t know!

    Lockhart: “I don’t know what that is! It scaaares and confuses me!”

    Brad: “I still haven’t identified it… Shush! It is powerful beyond all imagining. I’ll take that to the Asian Jade Quarter, ’cause no-one else will know what it is. ‘I dunno, is it a sickle on a rope?'”

    Lockhart: “There are many inns in the area: The Pig & Stool, The Hidden Tiger, The Crouching Dragon…”

    Aimee: “Let’s go find some other place to stay.”

    Brad: “B-b-but that one has a PIG on a STOOL!”

    Brian: “Hey! We can’t afford five star, calm down.”

    “Misty’s all concerned, ’cause she’s got horns on her head, and Ash told her ’bout the helms.”

    “She can get the rapid mutation thing, just retract them: *SLUUUURP*

    “And retractable big boobs? She is a succubus.”

    “I made my Diablo III barbarian snu-snu.”

    Lockhart: “And you’re keeping the dragon helm?”

    Brad: “Yeah, it’s not worth anything other than AWESOME.”

    Lockhart: “Actually…”

    Brad: “Shush! Nothing but awesome.”

    The party then spends the rest of the session feverishly trying to work out the resale values of their caravan-load of loot and purloined goods. Math ensues.

    Lockhart: “This is totally not something I coulda helped with.” 🙄

    Lockhart: “Well, this is gonna be a rousingly entertaining recorded session!”

    Brad: “Just cut this part out.”

    Brian: “Well, you could just change the time sync so it fastforwards, chipmunk-style.”

    Lockhart:*Sputter* I can’t do that…?!”

    Brad: “Yesdothatit’dbeawesome!

    Brian: “Don’t blame Pharasma, she’s not responsible for you being a slob.”

    Aimee: “Oh yeah, I have that jeweled silk gown.”

    Brian: “I have the mostly non-poisonous mushrooms.”

    Brad: “I have to get an Ioun Stone for Misty, just ’cause it circles your head: ‘Where’d it go? Where’d it go?!'”

    Lockhart: “They’d be the ultimate cat toy.”

    Brad: “You have a habit of making sentient magic items own my ass.”

    Lockhart: “I can’t deny it!”

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