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    File Name: Pathfinder Session 20

    File Submitter: wolfsnap

    File Submitted: 10 May 2013

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party picks up a new member as they explore a suspiciously well-appointed lair

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    Episode #20 aka


    The Adventure of the Pots


    • “I know my way around a man’s anatomy!” (2:26:52)– Viktor revealing a little more of his back story than he probably intended to…
    • The pots kerfuffle was a prime example of how little things have the potential to become a major-league snafu when people start going off half-cocked. They nipped it in the bud before things got out of control
    • “Telekinetic fist, my ass!” (2:32:15) Leoth perhaps signaling Viktor that he too shoots his arrows the same way (by the way, Iolar’s “say what now?” was GOLDEN but no one picked up on it)
    • This is the episode we meet Ishma – Keshua Barbarian from the tribe of the Eternallly Gigglling. Her people have a long proud giggling tradition.
    • This was a memorable one with Viktor displaying his trapfinding abilities and stealth prowess for a large part of this winding, twisting, up and down-ey lair. A dark cavern(?) of rooms, chambers, antechambers, uncle chambers, and tapestries upon tapestries.The nice organization and rich fixtures make me envision a domicile however a little later Chris (GM) says stuff comes streaming out the mouth of a cave…so??
    • Speaking of Chris it is HILARIOUS how bad he is with names.
    • Leoth, meeting an unknown Keshua barbarian (Ishma), does his best to make small talk but as we’ve seen throughout the episodes – he has difficulty finding quite the right words to say. Haha so what does he do instead?? Within seconds of meeting her, he decides “she’s cool”, lowers his bow and announces loudly where everyone’s hiding and for them to come out. Viktor and Karnak mutter cusswords under their breath. Hahah THAT’S one of those things as a listener is fun to imagine.
    • Iolar finds a library and becomes preoccupied learning all 5,000 words to the Tale of the Red Tree on the Hill – which he plans on regaling someone with when they have about 7 hours to kill.
    • New party member Ishma deals DAMAGE to the undead nasties. Hammer time, indeed. Making her presence felt, the mighy Keshua woman stars in her very own real world “whack-a-mole”. I imagine her running around slamming that mighty weapon down on skeletons coming out of crypts or burials holes or whatevers.

    It’s kind of odd doing these about episodes recorded so long ago – but I hope I can encourage the other listeners to participate.

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