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    The Updated X-Wing (TM) FAQ and Tournament Rules Are Now Available

    Are your squads prepared for interstellar battle? The X-Wing North American Championship tournament is quickly approaching, and every fighter pilot must prepare for the dogfights to come. When you’re navigating the darkness of space and leading squads of starfighters into combat, you want to make sure you know your way around the battlefield. Now, both the X-Wing FAQ (pdf, 262 K:cool: and Tournament Rules (pdf, 916 K:cool: have been updated to clarify some of the game’s trickier interactions and help you aster the current metagame!

    Lead X-Wing developer James Kniffen highlights the updates to the new FAQ and Tournament Rules below.

    A Word from the Developers

    Hello, X-Wing fans! This newest update to the FAQ answers your pressing questions concerning the Millennium Falcon, Slave I, the A-wing, and the TIE interceptor. Youʼll find clarifications for popular cards like Daredevil and Gunner, the details of interactions with bomb tokens, and more rulings on Ship and Upgrade cards. A Competitive Play section, which includes an in-depth explanation of action resolution, is also present for players who have requested more detailed rules.

    In addition, the Tournament Rules document has been updated for increased clarity. The language concerning match scoring has been simplified, and the rules now officially allow players to deploy their squads before the clock starts in a tournament round. The results of a draw during an elimination round are also included to erase any doubt about who is taking home the prize.

    Download the X-Wing FAQ and Tournament Rules today as the first step to establishing your mastery over the current metagame.

    Thanks, James!

    Check out the FAQ and Tournament Rules on the support page and expand your knowledge of the strategy and tactics in X-Wing! Will the Rebel Alliance’s brave pilots carry the day at the North American Championships? Or will the Imperial Navy’s swarm tactics triumph? Study your battle plans, and prepare for action!

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