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    Several Winter Court and Stronghold Store events have recently occurred and we are ready to announce the winners and story / design choices from these events. Some choices are still pending. When they are approved, this page will be updated. They are as follows:

    Atlanta, George – Ivory Championship
    Winner – Stephen Franklin, playing Scorpion. Stephen has chosen Bayushi Shizuka to become a new Advisor to the Ivory Champion (pending Story Team approval.)

    Spain – Lvl 10 Stronghold Store Event
    Winner - Serigo Garcia, playing Lion. Sergio chose the flavor trait “Scion of Stone.”

    Portland, Oregon – Lvl 10 Stronghold Store Event
    Winner – Roy Esquivel, playing Crab. Roy chose the flavor trait “The Masked Crab.”

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Charity Auction
    Winner – Trevor Nerpel. Trevor earned the right to create a card. His choice is still pending approval.

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

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