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    E 44


    There are no glyphs of warding in this room only barghests but the scaling says to change it’s trigger. It should probably increase the # of Barghests or have them wounded.

    E 88

    Edgar: Monstrous Spider

    States that Edgar is charmed, but edgar has vermin traits, so it cannot be charmed.

    You probably need a new spell to control vermin like edgar or a feat that allows you to charm them.

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    More errata

    Changes from printed map that comes with WLD to downloadable map:

    E5 – second printing of E5 removed from downloadable map. In fact – I’d be half inclined to swap E5 and E4 and add a door to the wall between the room south of E3 and the small room east of it. Otherwise there is no way in to the “temple” except via the secret door west of E7.

    E11 – shifted to the west to where it belongs (correct on the downloadable map).

    E44 – is missing on the printed map (should be immediately north of E35) – correct on the downloadable map.

    E46 – doesn’t make sense on either map. Either create another hidden room, or remove the door immediately to the left so that the room is not connected to the corridor.

    E62 – printed map – move to the location of E63. On downloadable map SWAP with E63.

    E63 – wrong on printed version – move from just below E61 to the blank hidden room west of E49 – SWAP with E62 on downloadable map.

    E92 – wrong on printed version – move to room just to the north of all the corridors. You will also need to add a door somewhere or it cannot be reached. Correct (except for the missing door) on the downloadable map.

    Text errata:

    E32 – the sword listed in the Treasure: should be a long sword, not a short sword.

    I’ll add more as I come across them (my players are in this section at the moment).

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