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    Well, as far as the Demolished Ones, I like all those movies referenced, but I’m dubious about how well they’ll transition to an RPG. I don’t necessarily need my RPGs to be all that cerebral. Still, I’ll certainly give it a listen – I’ve enjoyed all the other BAGer stuff I’ve heard.


    I liked the WHFRP. The old-school character generation/progression is really interesting. Might be more interesting to listen to than to play, though. I know the one time (many years ago) I played, I found the sheer incompetence of my character to be highly frustrating. Although, the fact that the DM literally said “Here’s your character sheet, you’re a dwarven miner with no combat experience, your only companion is an overwight princess with no combat experience, you’re at the entrance to a goblin dungeon, and need to explore it.” And didn’t allow me or the one other player to see the inside of the rule book. This may have colored my experience, although aside from it I don’t have many other ‘horrible DM’ stories, which I think makes me pretty lucky.

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    ‘Twas highly entertaining to hear the players conduct a Freudian analysis of the dungeon map. 🙂 Their, ah… ‘interpretation’ of certain dungeon features, seemed flawless.

    Wayne: Well, my dad was circumsized… It all fits!

    It was also reminiscent of a similar discussion that the Yorkton Gamers had, at one point.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Paizo Adventure Paths, it’s this: The more a room looks like a penis, the more treasure’s in it. We’ve proven this with Rise of the Runelords – the rooms that were shaped closer to a phallic shape, had more treasure inside them.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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