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    • Succubus

    This was a great one-off to play. I loved the sense of paranoia we were all developing by the end, some of us justifiably so…:D

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    • Drider

    Thanks to the miracle of saved searches on eBay, along with some feverish last-second bidding, I managed to snag this little beauty last week for a fiver:


    It’s the 1985 second edition of FTL: 2448, Tri-Tac’s game of spacecraft and aliens, and inevitably looks rather primitive next to the two volume 1993 version with its fancy perfect bound colour covers, but I’m fond of these editions. This was how I first saw the games, in reviews and adverts in Space Gamer and other magazines; rarely, I glimpsed them in shops. For all of their faults (and they do have quite a number) there’s something strangely appealing about the dense text, shoddy binding and wonderful Doug Blanchard art. Flicking through FTL: 2448 brought me face-to-face with the Tri-Tac system again, the same one, bar a few minor deviations, used in Fringeworthy. It left me wondering.

    How much difference to you as a listener does the system really make? Obviously if it’s making life difficult for the players (or the GM… *sigh*…) that’s one thing, but assume that it’s ticking along and not especially getting in the way or causing problems for anyone… do you care about the rules? I ask because I want to play more Tri-Tac, probably starting with a return to Fringeworthy, and my initial thought was to switch systems. That could be very easily done: there’s a playtest document kicking around for Savage Worlds and I’ve already made a few notes for D6 and HeroQuest. I don’t particularly have anything against the Tri-Tac system, though; it’s just rather clunky in places (and insanely detailed in others) which can be fudged as and when required. So, if we do make a return to the many worlds of Fringeworthy how would you like to see it run?

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    • Thri-kreen

    I personally don’t mind which system is used to run something as long as it isn’t interfering with the enjoyment of the players or the GM. I have found it handy to listen to some games to pick up the flow of some systems that I own but haven’t played. I think the simplest thing is to go with what you and the other Wharties find fun. I enjoyed listening to the Fringeworthy game with the slight fudges.

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    I agree, if the GM and players are having fun then as a listener I don’t think it matters which system is used.  I don’t find listening to / playing any system gives me a headache. 

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    • Drider

    Exciting news for anyone interested in Fringeworthy and other Tri Tac games! The company has at last begun to update their distribution model, which means that the most recent version of Fringeworthy is now available as a download from! This has been a long time coming and is particularly good news for gamers who are not in the USA, as previously we had to pay to have CD-ROMs shipped across the globe and they quite often went astray.


    The PDF has also been revised, improving the rather unwieldy old version with a smaller file size, better links and various corrections and updates. If things go well with this one then the company will apparently be looking to make the rest of their products available for download too, although inevitably it won’t be a quick process.


    Should you pick up a copy do let us know how it looks (I’ll have to wait for payday, unfortunately); and be sure to let Tri Tac know where you heard about it  🙂

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    • Drider

    And now Fringeworthy Complete is available as a download, much more convenient than getting the discs mailed out. It includes both the version of the rules we used and the adventure setting.

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