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    File Name: Runepunk Session 01

    File Submitter: WhiteKnight

    File Submitted: 16 Feb 2013

    File Category: Savage Worlds

    Genre: Steampunk

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The Lady & The Locket (Part 1)

    The party become involved in an altercation outside a flywheel in Grey Mesa. . .

    Click here to download this file

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    Alec as Dr Bartholomew Young (Overwrought Communist, i.e. Steampunk Cyborg).

    Fin as Kieron Hammerfall (Andari Runecaster, i.e. Steampunk Elf Mage).

    Ross as Captain Socrates (Hero!).

    Sophie as Raven (Demonologist).

    Tina as Mouse Sprocket (Ferren, i.e. Freddy Kruger in Mickey Mouse ears – and certainly not a kangaroo).

    Wayne as Sniffer, (Manic-Depressive Alcoholic Sniper).

    Steve as the GM.

    (NB: Ross was absent for session 01, so his character was played as an NPC.)


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    Strange noises of running water can be heard in the background.

    Fin: “And it’s the wet t-shirt episode.” 🙂

    Steve: “That’s right – players are currently being hosed down, and will soon come in here to commence play.”


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    Sophie’s not the only player with a slightly ‘special’ character:

    Steve: “You’re not THE looney, merely A looney.”

    Sophie: “Thanks, Steve.” 🙁

    Steve: “That’s alright, no charge.” 🙂


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    True to form, Steve’s dogs turn up and express their desire to join the game:

    Sophie: “I’m drinking and looking mysterious, and probably being avoided – you’re not eating my shoes! Stop it!”

    Fin: “Slightly hallucinating…” 😉


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    Sophie: “I think I’m going to follow her.”

    Steve: “Okay, how closely?”

    Sophie: “Discreet distance, but so that I don’t lose her – she’s rich, after all, and I’m not. I’d HATE for anything to happen to her – a demon might appear!”

    Alec: “You can mysteriously save her, for a reward – or you could wait until she gets gobbled up, and catch the falling change.”

    Wayne: “A demon spontaneously appears and eats the plot.”

    Alec: “Bugger!”

    Sophie: “No, I was going to SAVE her from the demon, that mysteriously appears!”

    Tina: “Can’t you summon demons?”

    Fin: “That’s… kinda the point!”


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    Sophie: “Yay, I can read Ross’ writing!”

    Tina: “Fluent in Rossese?”

    Fin: “Well done! That’s an extremely transferable-to-life skill.”

    Tina: “Especially if you want to be a teacher.”


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    Fin: “I call out “Unhand that woman IMMEDIATELY!” And I take up an aggressive runecaster pose.”
    Alec: “Kinda like this: Hadouken!
    Fin: “Yeah, I’m gonna spend the next 14 hours like this.”



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    Alec is playing an Overwrought, a Terry Gilliam-esque steampunk cyborg. Of course, most of his metal bits are covered under clothing, so when he wants to activate his special extra features, he needs to… prepare.

    Fin:GNNNN! Reaching critical mass!”
    Alec: “I unbutton my shirt…”
    *Howls and wolf-whistles ensue*
    Steve: “Big red ‘S’?” 😉

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    Moments later, the alley-turned-battlefield is wreathed in an Overwrought-spewed smoke cover.

    Alec: “I’m gonna stride purposefully down the middle of the alleyway.”

    Tina: “Bump, bump, bump.”

    Alec: “Hopefully I’ll run into something, and that will be a human form, which I will grab, and-“

    Sophie: “Grope to find out if it’s female?”

    Fin: “Fondle till they give up!”

    Alec: “Mainly to determine clothing, as opposed to determine anatomy.”

    Fin: “As opposed to sexual assault?”

    Alec: “Yeah, not very gentlemanly… And discard or keep as necessary.”

    Fin: “Here, I’ve already got one of these! Ooh, I need those!”

    Steve: “Full set?”


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    Alec: “My parry is terrible, ’cause I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

    Fin: “Yeah! You are, indeed, a sex machine.”



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    The Savage Worlds system uses several descriptive conditional modifiers, such as being ‘shaken’ from combat.

    Tina: “So he’s shaken, but not stirred?”

    Fin: “Ho ho! That joke’s never gonna get old.”


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    Ross’ character is in dire straits, and the player in question isn’t even present tonight.

    Alec: “On the plus side, he might die – then he might make a character that’s less crazy!”
    Wayne: “That’ll never happen.”
    Alec:Played by Ross – 10 point flaw!”
    Sophie: “You’re so mean!” 🙁
    Steve: “But everybody knows what he means.”

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    Whereas Alec is playing a pacifist…

    Alec: “They’re just having a big pointless fight, killing each other, and I’m not really into that kind of thing – so I think I’m going to put another smoke cloud right in the middle of them.”

    Sophie: “For fuck’s sake!” 🙁

    Fin: “Right, screw this! We’re not going against the Ferren – we’re taking out this bloody overwrought!”

    Sophie: “A-leec!”

    Alec: “I dunno – see, I’m a pacifist, but-“

    Fin: “So, does that mean you’re gonna spoil everyone else’s fun?”

    Tina: “Isn’t that what they do?”

    Wayne: “Every time he gets scared, he spontaneously emits a big cloud.”

    Fin: “He’s part robot squid.”


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    Sophie: “Can I spend another benny, for another reroll?”

    Steve: “Yes.”

    Sophie: “I get them back at the start of next session, don’t I?”

    Fin: “Ye-e-esss.”

    Steve: “In theory, yes.”

    Sophie: “In theory?!”

    Tina: “Ah, well, there you go, you see?” 🙂

    Fin: “He thinks you’ve been abusing the privilege by noticing it was nearly finishing time!”

    Steve: “Penalize a benny for that – nah, go on.”


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