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    What: RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under IV
    When: November 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun), 10:00 to 17:00
    Where: University of Melbourne, 780 Elizabeth Street, Room 110
    Who: RPG Review Cooperative, Inc., University of Melbourne Tabletop Games
    Society, and sponsored by Chaosium
    How: Pay $100 to RPG Review Cooperative BSB 06 3114 Acct 1058 0245 or

    **More on the “What”**

    RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha Sessions
    HeroQuest Glorantha Session
    Glorantha 13th Age Sessions
    Khan of Khans
    Glorantha : The Gods War
    RuneQuest and Glorantha Auctions
    2nd Hand Games Stall
    Writing for Chaosium Workshop
    Secrets of Glorantha Panel
    Glorantha with various RPG systems Panel
    Chaosium et al vendor stalls
    RPG Review Conference ‘Zine
    & much more!

    **More on the “Who”**

    International Guest of Honour: Jason Durall, Creative Director of
    RuneQuest and Basic Role Playing.

    Also in attendance will be Michael O’Brien (Vice-President, Chaosium) Mark
    Morrison (author of several supplements for Call of Cthulhu, Storminger
    etc), Dave Cake (rules consultant, Hero Wars), Gary Fay (Pendragon)

    **More on the “When”**

    There will be *two* major RPG Sessions; you can book on Saturday or Sunday
    to get a good game in!
    There will be panels on *both* days.
    There will be auctions on *both* days.
    There will … oh you get it.

    **More on the “How”**

    $60 for 1 day, $100 for 2 days. Includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea.
    Tell us if you have dietary requirements!

    Email when you have paid. If for 1 day, tell us which day!

    Register early so we can get your brilliant badges printed!

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    Oooooh – Hello again there Mister 🙂

    Nice to see you posting again. You might want to do and drop this over on the Discord and also on the RPGMP3 Community in Facebook if you have those outlets 🙂


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