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    Some Savage Worlds form The Order…

    Savage Worlds: Monster Hunter Session 00

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    LightPagoda wrote:
    Character generation and Casting Call for a new campaign. Based on the Monster Hunter books by Larry Correia. It is run in Savage Worlds with some side rules from the Rippers SW setting. … nters.aspx The players are new recruits to a secret group that hunts monsters for the government bounty. Lone Star Specialty Exterminators seems like an intersting place to work.

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Hal & OotAKu Gamers. 🙂


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    Interesting game, guys. You have done the books proud.

    There is a kickstarter being done for an official HERO system version of the game: … es-handboo

    It is a bit expensive for a physical copy of the book (especially the shipping), but the pdf seems to be a cheap buy, expecially as it will have ALL the rules inside to play.

    Oh, and a nice shout out naming the NPCs after other authors.

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    Hal has a dream of someday writing a RPGMP3 cookbook, so if you could persuade Becky to write up some of her recipes for those delicious mouthwater-inducing dishes that you’re always praising so highly (Becky’s Salt ‘n Sweaty Pumpkin Soup springs to mind ;), along with the pumpkin cookies etc.), Hal would surely love to know more about it.

    He might even be persuaded to start a new forum section for rpg-related cooking: “You heard about it on audio – now try it at home!” 😀

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    TSR (yes that long ago) used to include recipes in some of its setting-heavy books, like the Volo’s Guide series or the Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home book from Dragonlance. For her next birthday, my wife wants to borrow my parent’s cabin and invite our friends for a D&D party weekend. She’ll run Tomb of Horrors, I’ll run We Be Goblins, and we’ll make some of those D&D recipes.

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    So i just found you guys and I am having a good time listing in. Its my voyer side poping through…

    I wanted to ask about Casting Call….Where might i get it?


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    At this point your best bet is ebay or a torrent site. It has been out of print for some time now. Sadly, the fantasy version (Heroes of Legend) comes in 2 editions and the only torrents I found were for the smaller first edition. I ended up buying second edition on ebay and making my own crappy pdf from that. In the same line Central Casting also has Dungeons, Heroes for Tomorrow and Heroes Now!. While I havent tried Dungeons or Tomorrow to my recollection I have used Legend and Now! on several occasions.

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    Sweet thanks for the post useing your info i found them and now have them all…


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