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    Some more Monster Hunting…

    Savage Worlds: Monster Hunter Session 05

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    LightPagoda wrote:
    Booya! The group finally makes the trip to Cactus Springs and begins investigating.

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Great game guys, looking forward to listening to the next episodes. The “Season’s greeting from Satan!” contretemps was not very Christmassy, but hilarious nonetheless. 🙂 Let’s have a look at the “Tabletop RPG Actual Play Podcast Checklist” and see how your games compare with the requirements:

      Insulting every demographic on a regular basis – Check;

      Total reassurance that your listeners can be counted on the hand of a lumberjack with Dex as his dump stat – Check;

      Kibitzing at length about the food you’re eating, other games you’d rather be playing, and basically anything other than RPing – Check;

    Now you just need a proper lost episode to be considered a real RPGMP3 group! 😀 Did the virus on Jayson’s laptop delete any of your recordings, perchance?

    “Did you hear that everybody? Jayson French looks at porn on the internet!”

    “I haven’t done that much lately, so I have no idea how I got that virus…”

    The D&D innkeeper’s magic sword scam you mentioned was a classic, it deserves a place in the book of tricks of every rat-bastard GM (indeed, is there any other kind?).

    Huge kudos to Patrick… err, Jayson (every time Patrick does something cool, it was really Jayson who was responsible, right? Gotta bolster the numbers of Jayson’s fan club!) for his perseverance in trying to break into the federal agent’s motel room, despite every single man jack on the team being against it from the start, or just plain too lethargic to do anything that stressful.

    Eric: “Hey James, how much do you wanna bet that he can’t even pick the lock on the door?”

    “Jayson”: “I’m not opening the door, I’m taking it off the hinges!”

    And the way you were planning on using your action cards inside the fed’s room? Simply inspired, sir. ..Too bad the GM wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans.

    “Jayson”: “Once I’m inside the room, I’ll play my Hidden Treasure action card, that let’s me automatically find something amazing – and then I’ll get Reese up here, so he can use his Once More, With Feeling card to get the same effect! We’ll be loaded with cool stuff!”

    Eric: “Yes, let’s steal stuff from the fed’s room.”

    Really Jayson: “What could possibly go wrong with carrying around another briefcase nuke?”

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    Sadly we already have a few lost episodes. When we were starting as a group and before Todd had to take a sabbatical we played a Vampire Masquerade game. Todd was running it and Patrick, James and I were newly made vampires in San Diego. Patrick was essentially an illiterate Irish soccer hooligan. James was Eddie Murphy’s character from ‘Coming to America’ if he grew up in a CoC world. My character got nicknamed ‘Whitebread’ from being so normal next to the other two. Short campaign that I accidently hijacked into a revenge plot, but sadly only the last episode remains. That last episode by itself wouldnt make a lot of sense, so we skipped it when we started posting.

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    Funny how the “lost” episodes seem to be the ones I run. 🙁

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    Oh, and to give you a hint of what it was like trying to run that game with Whitebread doing everything he could NOT to join the other characters until he latched on to the revenge angle…

    Me: Jayson, you take the trash out to the dumpster in the back. It is approaching dawn. As you lift the dumpster lid, you see the sleeve and hand of … someone … buried under some trash within. (This is the beaten, blood-drained body of Pat’s character, waiting for any chance at rescue before the sun comes up.)

    Jayson: I throw my trash on top of the arm and close the lid. I don’t want to get involved.

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    Working for a gang (vampire) owned mechanic shop is scary! You learn how not to notice things. Like the fangs and dead bodies.

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