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    File Name: Settlers Session 02

    File Submitter: Tulty

    File Submitted: 22 Mar 2015

    File Category: One Offs and Shorts

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party continue up the river, and encounter a monster which they clearly are meant to run away from, but hey, fleeing is for losers. After significant casualties, they get the hint, and continue South. But murder and betrayal lurk just around the corner…

    GM: Will

    Ada, Human Archaeologist (Bard): Katie

    Mazon, Half-Orc Slayer: Reesha

    Velric von Cassenheim, Dhampir Wizard: Henry

    Geldor, Human Oracle: Mike

    Athrind, Tiefling Magus: Greg

    Telemachus, Human(?) Bloodrager: Tulty

    Click here to download this file

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    This episode could have been called “We’ve Got 99 Peasants (‘Cause a Stirge Ate One)“. 🙂 Oh wait, it was a Killer Mosquito that killed that NPC in the last episode, right? Maybe “We’ve Got 99 Peasants (‘Cause a Midge Ate One)“, then.

    Seriously? The DM decided to throw a Froghemoth at a party of starting characters?! Killer DM, indeed.

    Rather impressed that some of the characters even tried to taunt the creature into following them away from the rest of the settlers. (Although, “teasing the Froghemoth” sounds like a euphemism for something rude – possibly something you do in the swamp.) 😉

    You should consider recording one of those “Learn To Speak A New Language” tapes, but for Abyssal and Infernal. It would just be the Tiefling and the Oracle sitting around making their grunting noises, it’d be great, you’d earn a fortune. 😛

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    BTW, was that an Ada Lovelace song you guys were singing? Any chance of getting to see the full lyrics? 🙂

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    Ha! Glad you’re enjoying it, will see if I can get hold of some lyrics for you…

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