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    File Name: Settlers Session 03

    File Submitter: Tulty

    File Submitted: 27 Apr 2015

    File Category: One Offs and Shorts

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The expedition is still reeling from the sudden and brutal murder of Lord Rubeus’ page, John. Athrind attempts to make amends. But Velric’s condition finally catches up with him and leads to horrible consequences for his friend.

    Meanwhile, the party interrogates a goblin from the raiding party, and learn more about the surrounding area, much to Ada’s chagrin. And finally, incredibly…they see in the distance a place they can begin to call home!

    GM: Will

    Ada, Human Archaeologist (Bard): Katie

    Mazon, Half-Orc Slayer: Reesha

    Velric von Cassenheim, Dhampir Wizard: Henry

    Geldor, Human Oracle: Mike

    Athrind, Tiefling Magus: Greg

    Telemachus, Human(?) Bloodrager: Tulty

    Click here to download this file

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    Q: Wait, actions have consequences?!
    A: Yes, but you’ll need a positive Wisdom modifier to notice that.

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    @[member=”Hal”] would probably be very pleased to hear that the French goblins live on, albeit in a different campaign. 🙂 Vive la Froglin Révolution!


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    And then one of the PCs fell ill, was tended to by a cleric, and decided that “since I already dislike this adept of Saranrae, I’d like to vomit on him.”

    Tulty: No-one can accuse this party of being petty. 🙄


    The winner of the best slash fiction will get a shout-out in the next podcast – get writing, ladies and gentlemen! I wanna hear this.

    Sempai finally noticed him. 😀

    Incidentally, you should probably have upgraded the Profanity Level on this episode, for the spanking scene alone. Somehow, I don’t think the term “jolly sweary indeed” is sufficient to describe a player character bending over and bracing himself in preparation for the blow, and then screaming “AGAIN!” through his gritted teeth as the painful strikes rain down over his trembling buttocks. :punishment:


    (Although you certainly deserve some kind of bonus points for deciding to institute a Yaoi-based penal system in your anarcho-syndicalist commune.)

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    I would not be surprised at all if this new civilization quickly becomes dependent on goblin slave labor. It just seems like the sort of thing these protagonists would do.


    Also, the new Mt Spider Militia need to have a Giant Spider Cavalry division.

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    Well, as they mentioned earlier in the episode: since the goblins and whatnot are all civilized people now, that means the PCs aren’t monster-killers anymore, they’re just racists. 😉

    Also, looking forward to hearing more about the other, better community that the NPC hunter went off to start on his own, with blackjack and hookers.


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