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    File Name: Shattered Star Session 09

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 30 Jun 2013

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The continued exploration of The Crow leads to finding Clickylegs and some undead

    Click here to download this file

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    Hal, that was not Sub-zero, that was Scorpion.

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    I stand corrected, sir 🙂

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    At one point in the adventure Brunsk is sad because he felt he didn’t have anything to do. Skeletons!


    He has a shield and strength, why not just use the shield to shield bash? and if he dual wields ( I forget), he could also just overpower.


    And, one of the things I always forget to use is grapple. Against low dex and str opponents (like these mobs), it could be a very effective option.

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