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    File Name: Shattered Star Session 45

    File Submitter: Hal

    File Submitted: 07 Sep 2015

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The party begin their journey toward civilization when they encounter a pack of angry savages. Fate takes a hand and they end up taking one of them along with them – hopefully she will prove useful.

    Damiir finds the innovative use of the Sihedron Shard to be most disappointing.

    This defines the start of the next book of the Shattered Star Adventure Path, Beyond the Doomsday Door.

    Lockhart – GM

    Lindsay – Juniper Shade, awesome Witch

    Thing – Gorem, spiky fighter

    Hal – Damiir Greycastle, Oracle of Battle (sometimes disappointed)

    Heather – Arrow on the Wind, Zen Archer and hanger on

    Click here to download this file

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    Hal – Damiir Greycastle

    Somewhat surprised that there hasn’t been more comments on that surname. 😉


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    Just finished listening to #44. Looking forward to the new sessions.


    What I like in this series is the balance between gaming chat/banter, book-keeping and gaming. I enjoy the podcasts most where I can imagine myself part of the group (including the “irrelevant” chat, the rules discussions and the in jokes. Also the recording quality is generally very good.

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    Thanks 🙂


    We fight Comcast for a good connection from time to time but we try our best 😀


    The site has always been more about genuine table chat that highly edited gameplay… also it makes things easier to deal with on the editing side if I don’t have to cut out huge chunks 😀


    Hal :hal:

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