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    • Bullywug

    So I finished up with Shattered Star episode 64. I’m really hoping there are more episodes 🙂

    Btw, with all the issues you guys seem to have with Roll20, I would really suggest Maptools. I’ve used it for awhile and have a framework for Pathfinder that I coded myself that works pretty well (though always a work in progress…)

    Another benefit is that it’s system agnostic. I’ve been thinking about creating a framework for Rolemaster 🙂

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    • Owlbear

    I actually just uploaded a session the other day which should be making its way through the pipes eventually.

    I think our issues with Roll20 are more learning curve related and tech related than specifically with the virtual tabletop aspect. Learning curve meaning we’d have the same problems with learning to use any Virtual Tabletop, and tech referring to trying to use it’s in google hangouts when hangouts was becoming increasingly obsolete. I’ve become quite proficient with it and aside from preferring discord for video and voice chat, don’t believe I’d be switching to something else.

    Roll20 is system agnostic too and had pre-built sheets for quite a number or systems.

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    • Treant

    Shattered Star Reforged has been released to continue the adventure.


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