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    as mearly an observer for lindsays first gm outing it looked about as fun as she could make it… methinks its campaign time…

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    OK people, all kidding aside, and I know I’ve been teasing Lindsay about this for some time, but she did really well.

    I know how much the idea of running a game was bothering her, but she went ahead and did it anyway, and not, as most people do with a group of equally inexperienced friends, but with a group of four (very) experienced gamers and a few interested parties observing.

    As Steve B has already said the game suffered from the fact that it was a board game masquerading as an RPG. As a result a lot of it was either stilted or suffered as a result of over-simplification.

    Lindsay did look a bit like a startled rabbit, albeit a defiant “I’m bloody well going to do this no matter what you all think” kind of rabbit, when she started out. However, pretty soon she started to relax a bit and I think began to see us less as adversaries whom she had to prove something to. As a result the game started to flow a little more and as I’ve posted elsewhere a new GM was found.

    By the end of the session she had taken to using some of the classic GM’s moves. Rolling dice at random moments, stepping outside the scenario when necessary, asking players for rolls without specifying why or what the target is.

    I think we may have unleashed a monster here, but I look forward to another invite to play in one of Lindsay’s games.

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    Well done Lindsay!


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    Very cool. Well done Lindsey!

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