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    “Driven from Rokugan by the wrathful forces of the Emerald Champion, the Dark Naga and his enslaved minions have wound their way through the treacherous lands between the Empire and the Colonies, and emerged in secret near the outskirts of the Second City. The humans will pay for their effrontery. This insult will not go unanswered.”

    “There will yet be an empire of serpents to bring an end to the tyranny of the mammals. The Second City will be but the first to burn.”

    At Gen Con 2014, L5R players will have a chance to face down against the power-mad Dark Naga and his unholy forces in the Siege: Heart of Darkness event. But, the fun isn’t limited to Gen Con attendees! Your friendly local gaming store may be hosting their own version of the event, giving you a chance to defend Rokugan from this dire threat!

    Events will take place from September 8 to September 21, 2014. Your local store will set the exact date based on its own event schedule, as well as the format for its specific tournament. You will be able to take control of one of three Clan decks defending against the Naga. The exact construction of the decks will depend on the format chosen by your store:

    • Limited Format. Players will use the pre-constructed decks provided in the Siege: Heart of Darkness set.
    • Constructed Format. Players will bring their own (current legal) decks to pit against the Dark Naga.

    ShaburaSuch a task is not for the faint of heart, nor do we expect loyal samurai to go unrewarded for their efforts. All participants in the in-store Siege: Heart of Darkness event will receive a free Shabura card just for playing. (Shabura, despite not having a bug, is legal for play as stated here: In addition, participants will help determine the course of this mighty battle, contributing to the official storyline of Rokugan as detailed here!

    Get your battle plan ready, for the Dark Naga is coming!

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