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    So, every Sunday, I’m going to write a blog post. Since this isn’t Sunday, and because my lovely wife Glitter Frog wrote a cool little story, I thought I would share that with you all today.

    Living With a Gamer

    By Glitter Frog

    I fell in love with a brilliant man.  He was interesting, educated, motivated but then I found out that he led a secret life.  He was a gamer.  He liked to hole up with a group of men, tell stories, make animal noises, and strategize how to kill ogres from 20 ft away – with dice.  What was I to do?

    Luckily, I watch a lot of movies.  Of course, they’re not the ‘right’ movies.  He still rolls his eyes when I don’t know Lord of the Ring references and I know I can get a glare out of him when I purposefully misquote Star Wars “these are not the robots you’re looking for”, but I sucked it up and went to Paizocon.

    At Paizocon I met others from his world.  Gamers who could reference page numbers from memory; those who dressed the part; those who brought their own music to set the right mood for the campaign, and I was accepted.  Mostly.  I walked away from the Con with a better understanding of the story telling and got a grasp at the history that gamers hold so dear to their hearts.  I had become Blaze and my player did quite well.  (When we returned home, she made it quite far in our own campaign.)

    But I have now become a messenger to get the word out to non-gamers.  This world of paladins, dwarves, Halflings, and various creatures – dire wolves, dire bats, dire – – – (fill in the blank) can be exciting and fun!  I describe it as the board game Clue with a Choose Your Own Adventure vibe to it.  Dungeon Masters can make or break the experience.  TPKs aren’t so bad considering you’ll meet the twin of your players in the next city.

    How do you live with a gamer?  You realize that miniatures and dice go in the Christmas stocking.  You go to the opening day showing of the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. You never mix your Star Trek and Star Wars metaphors.  You encourage the use of magic missiles, rays of frost, and running away as valid methods of fighting.  You sympathize when they roll a 1 (unless they’re the GM you’re playing against – in which case, I recommend stifling a smile), you celebrate when they roll a 20 and the new dice you bought them lights up (again, unless they’re the GM, in which case, you pour another shot as they grab a handful of 8-sided dice to kill your player).  And last, you love them, because you realize that soon they’ll figure out your secret guilty pleasure.

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    He liked to […] strategize how to kill ogres from 20 ft away – with dice.

    The Geek is strong in this one.

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