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    Staggering, bleary-eyed from a long trek and countless encounters, he stumbled through the vast cavernous area, seeking only to reach the doors, and his escape. Other party members made good their escape; the little hobbit-lings led by their elvish wranglers all loaded into the caravan wagon to be taken back to their homeland, driven by none other than the Queen; the King stayed behind, briefly, until he too fled to “make the world right” in the daily running of the kingdom.

    That left One to cover their escape, make good that all contacts were met, placated, and guaranteed future communications, and the bonds of friendship, camaraderie, and future liaison were solidified. It was after much commerce, trade and goodwill that he did finally leave that place, with a smile. For he would again adventure there in the future, for it is a good place.

    This isn’t any new adventure from Frog God Games, this is Skeeter Green’s PaizoCon report (the parts I can tell, anyway).

    Friday started out with us driving down from home, a short 45 minute drive to the airport. I got to spend some time with the Glitter frog, time that would be very rare over the next few days. She had her own weekend of meetings a dealing to attend, so this time was pretty precious.

    When we arrived at the hotel, it was early; the Paizo staff already had things well in hand, and the Con was off to a good start. The merchandise room was well stocked, and our books were already laid out on our table. I rearranged a few things, Glitter Frog decided to step behind the table and charm a few passersby (natural saleswoman, that girl!) and I was off for my first game, in Guest of Honor Frank Mentzer’s 1E game.

    Naturally, I have no idea where the game is. They moved it form the area listed on my ticket, so I wander to find a map and figure out where I should be. I have about 5 minutes to get to the game, so I’m in a bit of a rush. As I find one of the electronic maps on the walls of the hotel (wish they had those in dungeons!) I see Frank staring at the same board. Greetings were had, and as we figured out where we were supposed to be together, we headed off, as the most oddly-paired Gandalf/Frodo team ever imagined. We get to Frank’s game, which was supposed to have 8 people in it; there were 11, not enough chairs, small room, etc. I rush down to find the man that can help, WIl C. from Paizo, and ask about getting some more chairs. He smiles, says something along the lines of “Check this out. I have an app for that” pulls out his phone and got me some chairs. As always, the Paizo staff in general, and Wil in particular, hooked us up. Many thanks my friend! I get back to the game, and even more people have sown up. Frank regaled us with stories and a good time, to the point we were unable to complete the quest (we got to the end boss, but combat was not in our future), but not a person in there minded. A great time was had by all, and Frank stayed after to sign autographs and get pictures. I have head Frank’s stories several times over the years, and I cannot help but be enthralled by that man every time he does his sly nod and tells “about the old times”. He made mention in the game after I made some wisecrack that he wouldn’t take it easy on me, as he considered me a friend. I took that as a huge compliment, and my Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that moment. It shrunk back to normal tic tac size quickly, of course.

    After Frank’s game, it’s all a blur. Much meeting of old friends, making of new friends, carousing, dealings, and such were had. Dinner with Papa Frog is always an EVENT. We had a quick meal with an old friend, just the 3 of us, but much booze and laughter was had. Was even business-like in its own weird way. Anyway, after that, it was back to the hotel for Bill to torture some player’s, and I went off to meet with people, as anytime someone asks Bill about the company, he says “Talk to Skeeter”, so I was plenty busy.

    Saturday report coming soon….

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