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    Saturday, I awoke feeling not too bad. A night previously of carousing, sure, but I was functional, and after my bad-fish night from last con, I was just happy to be a biped.

    I got some breakfast, got to my 10 am game, and proceeded to run my group of 9 players through Alladin’s Lament, from Rappan Athuk. I had not told them before the game what level we would be working, so they came all prepped for combat, because thats everything in a dungeon, right?

    Wrong, oh so wrong. There is NO combat in Alladin’s Lament. 4 hours fo trying to figure out puzzles, falling to Bill’s deadly traps (yeah, even nerfed they killed 4 people right off the bat). They even reached the end, but in the din of the entire room, I did not hear the one player that offered up the solution, so they did not gain the end magic item. I felt horrible, but nothing I could do. An MVP was chosen by random dice roll, and I gave away a copy of Book of Dirty Tricks to the lucky winner.

    After the game, I went about looking for chums, comrades, and friendly folk. I spent some time with John, Rob and Liz from LoneWolf at the HeroLab display, and talked shop with them, and laid the groundwork for some future plans (boy, their Realm Works program would be perfect to organize Sword of Air; hmmmm…..). I gave John his long waited-for Razor Coast books, and moved on to the next group. I was able to carous a little, but soon it was time for Bill’s S&W epic, which I ended up flowing in and out of through some of the night. I was accosted by a drunk buffoon in the bar handing out flyers for a Necromancer Games Kickstarter, which I will certainly back! Alas, the batteries were running low, so long about midnight I crawled into bed to get some much wanted shut-eye. I got woke up early, around 4 am, and wondered if I should wander up and see if Bill was still slaying PCs. Apparently, I would have found them. The game lasted until 5ish? or so Cash told me the next day. Seems like everyone I talked to on Sunday spoke highly of the event, and good times were had.

    Next up, the Sunday of Miniature Trading.

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