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    • Owlbear

    1) I don’t understand why Hal keeps awarding Xp for traps the party set off 😕 . Technically they have not “defeated” the trap andI wouldn’t award my players XP in that situation

    2)It would help if Paul could decide if he was John Rhys Davies or Neddy Seagooon 😆

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    • Thri-kreen

    1) Pass – I’m not familiar enough with D&D (gasp!), having mainly played Swedish systems.

    2) I think he’s proven (or at least trying to prove) that the two aren’t mutually exclusive… =)

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    • Treant

    With regards to EXP for traps that the party set off. If they survive the trap that have successfully defeated the encounter. To rob the party of experience based solely on the Skill Checks of the Rogue would be rather silly. It would also be virtually impossible for the Rogue to spot and disarm a good percentage of the traps in this adventure even when rolling Natural 20s as they are so very hard to spot.

    Also, with so few monster encounters in some sections of the dungeon it seems rather unfair to not allow them the experience they need to level.

    If we are using the rational that you gain experience for situations you survive then all players would gain EXP for traps hitting them as much as a kobold hitting them. It is just another example of a situation they can learn from and work as a team to achieve better results against in the future.

    Hope that makes sense. 😀

    Hal :hal:

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    That justification makes sense to me.

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    • Owlbear

    I take your point and suppose that it all comes down to DM preference, however I intend to go with AEGs recommendation that the party level no more than twice per map section so I think I’ll have to set levelling goals.

    Of course I’m very much behind with your game having only reached the end of session 7,but then again I only found the site on Saturday

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    • Owlbear

    Yeah, GM preference. And really, what does it matter? Don’t we still enjoy the review?

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    • Orc

    MR Bellhaven (if that is your name) you seem to have a particular need to take issue with my comments and, whilst I respect your right to do so I hope you will also respect my right to ask any question I care to put to the GM

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    • Orc

    Hey guys, chill!

    Or to quote one of my colleagues:

    “Take a chill pill”

    However, to settle this, let me quote from the DMG:

    Overcoming the challenge of a trap involves encountering the trap, either by disarming it, avoiding it, or simply surviving the damage it deals. A trap never discovered or never bypassed was not encountered (and hence grants no XP award).

    Now lets have less of the bickering, gentlemen.


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    • Owlbear

    Steve is an absolute font of knowledge on 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons, I would like to suggest that, if we can persuade him, he could run/admin a kind of ‘Sage Advice’ forum here on RPGMP3, for various rules questions and explorations. (His stack of D&D tomes is indeed quite mighty).

    That’s me just thinking outloud with out Steve or Hal’s knowledge or consent! 🙂


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    • Owlbear

    Yes, I noticed Steve even advises the fine GM in times of crisis.

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    • Orc

    I bow to Steves superior knowledge and withdraw my previous statements.

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    • Commoner
    Walter Bellhaven wrote:
    Yes, I noticed Steve even advises the fine GM in times of crisis.

    Every group needs a rules lawyer on staff!

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