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    I’d just like to say at this juncture that BJB is one of my closest and dearest friends, and our banter feeds off each other. You wouldn’t get one without the other, so, y’know, please just enjoy it and don’t worry about our sensibilites. We don’t have any 🙂

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    I’d just like to say something involving the words “lawn aerator,” but I’m being very restrained and walking away now.

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    Inspiration for the Squadron’s next adversaries, perhaps? 😉


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    There are chords in the hearts of the most reckless which cannot be touched without emotion. Even with the utterly lost, to whom life and death are equally jests, there are matters of which no jest can be made. The whole company, indeed, seemed now deeply to feel that in the costume and bearing of the stranger neither wit nor propriety existed.”


    Edgar Allan Poe – The Masque of the Red Death

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    Fingers crossed that Poe will eventually face his worst nemesis, the supervillain Rufuswilmotgriswoldman. 😉

    raptorific: Rufus Wilmot Griswold is one of the most successful character assassins of all time. Because of him, schoolchildren are taught that Poe was a depraved misanthropic lecher who lusted after his underage cousin, was never sober, and died of drinking too much even though all of those “facts” have been discredited. Poe was a shy and reserved, though generally personable, man who married his cousin so to establish legal guardianship and provide for her financially.

    raptorific: He was also apparently a total lightweight who got tipsy after a few sips of wine, but occasionally drank socially or when feeling particularly down. His doctor insisted there were never traces of opium in his system. Poe’s friends insisted that he was not an alcoholic. At the time of his death, he had quit drinking, and the idea that he was one was heavily promoted by other members of the Temperance movement who claimed his death was a relapse as a cautionary tale. The most commonly accepted theory as to Poe’s death is that he was abducted, drugged, and beaten by political agents who forced him to vote for their candidate, changed his clothes, and then forced him to vote again and again to stuff the ballots.

    cameoappearance: That last bit seemed exceedingly peculiar to me and I had difficulty believing it, so I looked it up, and apparently it’s not the most commonly accepted theory at the moment, but it is a legit possibility and a thing that actually happened in the 19th century often enough to be given a name. It was plausible enough for quite a few of his biographers across several decades to agree on that theory, at least. So that’s a thing.

    tariqk: There’s another theory that I saw that attributed Poe’s symptoms and death as possibly coming from rabies. Didn’t know the rest of the historical context, though.


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