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    Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

    For our Level 10/15/20 Stronghold Stores, along with the normal Global Storyline Tournaments, they also have the ability to run a special series of Tournaments to reward their large local playerbase. The following is the information for these events:

    Level 10  Stronghold Stores

    These stores are available to register a tournament where the winner, along with counting towards the Global Storyline Tournament, will be able to choose a Keyword to appear on a future personality from winning clan. The choices are as follows:

    Flavor Traits of Choice:

    • Scion of Flame
    • Scion of Stone
    • Scion of Wind
    • Scion of the Sea
    • Scion of the Void
    • The Masked [Clan Name]
    • Lord of Blades
    • Child of Prophecy
    • Scourge of Darkness
    • Sinner

    When a trait is selected this page will be edited to reflect the trait taken, and it will no longer be available for future selections. However “The Masked [Clan Name]” may be selected multiple times, once for each available Clan, and will be updated accordingly.

    Level 15 Stronghold Store

    When an tournament is registered then the Major Events Manager will work with the store in getting a Unique Storyline event assigned to them directly!

    Level 20 Stronghold Store

    The winner of a Level 20 Stronghold Store event may submit a card to the Design Team which they will use as their inspiration for designing a card. The card will carry both the name of the store and the name of the player who wins the contest.


    Stronghold Stores will have until October 1st, 2013 to register an event date for these tournaments by emailing and working with the Major Events Manager on said event. Also of note, a Level 20 Stronghold Store would be eligible to hold all three separate events for their Level 10, Level 15 and Level 20 status!

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