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    File Name: Sundered Skies Grown-Up Edition Session 00.5

    File Submitter: ross

    File Submitted: 01 Nov 2013

    File Category: Sundered Skies

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    August 13th, 2013.

    Five people, a medium-sized dog, several kilograms of dice and sundry spouses and offspring have gathered in Ross’ conservatory. Their adventures in the Sundered Skies[/] are about to begin! Almost.

    Welcome aboard, landlubbers, for the 2nd episode of character generation, wherein:

    • A new player enters the arena;
    • Warhammer world Halfling egg soup is avoided;
    • Dyslexic archaeologists are gently ridiculed;
    • Ross searches for lead in his pencil;
    • Ross’ missus searches for stolen light bulbs;
    • Tina searches for a drink, or even just a drinking utensil;
    • Baked goods are weaponized;
    • Monty Python is quoted behind the GM’s back.



    Fin – rolling up a cat Wildling ninja.

    Max – rolling up a stunty Gordon Ramsey, rolling pins and all.

    Tina – getting press-ganged to play a Drakin sorceress/princess.

    Wayne – rolling up a Glowborn ship captain.

    Ross – the GM.

    Intro: Take a Chance, by Kevin MacLeod @

    Outro: Antarctica, by Jason Cole Audionautix @

    Added silliness by P. Monkey.

    (Editor’s note: Some amount of noise caused by ‘phone interferences have been inexpertly removed 10 minutes into the recording, but listeners may still experience clicks and pops. Apologies all round.)

    Click here to download this file

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    10 minutes – Max is having trouble with names, especially the spelling:

    Ross: “Spell it however you want, you’re talking to the most dyslexic person on the planet.” *Points* “He’s dyslexic as well.”

    Fin: “Once lived in a household filled with dyslexic archaeologists.” 😉

    Wayne: “Yeah, signed up for chemistry, but…” 7edf0a5c53adb42b4756a59f17d8e2e8-d6vsk3e


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    Fin is right, being one-eyed is just as bad as being totally blind, from the point of view of the Savage Worlds rules; both cases are major hindrances. 😮

    Similarly, having only one arm (or leg) is just as bad as being completely arm- or legless.

    WTF?! 🙁


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    40 minutes:

    Max: “I feel that I should put more points in cooking.” E_mot_is_the_real_cooking_mama_by_E_mot.

    Fin: “No, you’ve spent more than enough on the novelty skill already.”

    By the way, Ross – Did you get the suggestion for Max’ character being a battle muffin baker from reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, or somewhere else?



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    Listening to Wayne bragging about the culinary exploits of his talented halfling chef in the Warhammer game is very intriguing. Any chance of hearing more episodes of your Lichemaster recordings, BAGgies? 🙂 Pretty please? With egg soup on top?


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    8 minutes – Ross is looking for something to sharpen his pencil with:

    Ross: “There’s generally not a shortage of sharp implements in my conservatory.”

    Wayne: “As my big toe will testify.”  🙁

    Fin: “Is there actually any lead in your pencil, Ross?” 😉

    Ross: “…Not any more!”

    Tina: “We discussed this previously.”

    Ross: “Shame really, I’ve got a couple of people who could do with top-notch genetic material.” _sexplz__by_MenInASuitcase.gif


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