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    File Name: Sundered Skies Grown-Up Edition Session 05

    File Submitter: ross

    File Submitted: 08 Nov 2013

    File Category: Savage Worlds

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    And Now, For Something Completely Different

    Returning to port after their morbid mission, Captain Captain (the Glowborn whose very nipples are made of dragonfire) and his crew of Muppets Wildlings and sky-buccaneers do what any band of adventuruous mendicants with a fistful of cogs in their pocket would do: go shopping!

    Buckle your swashes, happy listeners, and brace yourselves for one of the finest shopping episodes in RPGMP3 history! Our Brave HerousTM must keep all their wiles and wits about them to resist the temptations of buying items they don’t need, using more money than they’ve actually got, with a price tag that seems to fluctuate more wildly than even the most capricious zephyrs of the Sundered Skies!

    • Dockside destitutes!
    • Dubious doodads!
    • And the Death Despatcher 2,000!

    Shopping bags in hand, the crew of the Rhodium reach the island Dragonspire, homeland of the Drakin race. Here, they find trouble anew, with an orcicidal Murder-Wraith haunting the Glow-bleached alleys.

    Will Sour Milk’s eight antagonistic ghost cat brothers prove helpful in this macabre melee? (Knowing cats, probably not.)

    Making matters worse, the GM unleashes the most gruesome weapon of mass player obstruction: the dreaded Python Box! An instrument capable of bringing any red-blooded gamers to their knees. There is but a single flaw in this dastardly plot: The GM discovers that he’s a gamer, as well…



    Special guest star: Patricia Routledge.

    Sponsored by Rosco’s Surprise Pink.

    Intro: Black Vortex (C) Kevin MacLeod.

    Outro: “A letter from Venus” – promo for Monkeys Took My Jetpack.

    Added silliness by P. Monkey.

    Click here to download this file

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    yay for pencil monky my editor in cheaf!

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    Thank you Ross and his . . . . um . . . . devoted servant(?) for bringing us these episodes.

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    minion maby?


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    And just FYI: It’s not a squid with a laser cannon, it’s Mike AKA MacGyver the Amorphous Blob, from one of the Yorkton Gamer Guild’s InSpectres games. 😛

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    Re: Your pre-game discussion, 1967 was indeed a good year for pennies.


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