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    File Name: Sundered Skies Grown-Up Edition Session 06

    File Submitter: ross

    File Submitted: 19 Nov 2013

    File Category: Savage Worlds

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    Please Abandon All Hope And File It In Triplicate

    Captain Captain and his crew are the talk of the town on the island Dragonspire, after they defeated the fell orcish spirit that plagued the Drakin homeland. However, Sour Milk the Cat Wildling only gets a short time to bask in adulation and his own White Russian-laced saliva, since the ungrateful dead are still causing them trouble; their collection of souls continues to grow.

    Eyrie, the Drakin princess, sees no other choice than to seek the aid of her father – Jadeclaw, Dragon King of Drakin! Will His Masticating Majesty be able to help his daughter with the big, throbbing red rock in her box that requires dealing with? And will he demand that they rename the ship ‘Dad’ in his honor?

    Carried on the winds of Destiny!, Our Brave HeroesTM must penetrate the murkiests depths of the Abyss itself, in their quest to uncover the hair-raising secret truth behind the creation of the Sundered Skies! (And nick all the furniture.)


    Fin – Sour Milk, white cat Wildling ninja.

    Steve – Jerath, song-priest of the mad god Festival.

    Tina – Eyrie, an incredibly shiny Drakin sorceress/princess, and the ship’s owner.

    Wayne – Cpt. Captain, Glowborn captain of the good ship Rhodium.

    Ross – the GM.

    Special Guest Star: Brian Blessed as King Jadeclaw, with Prostetnic Jeltz as Yasharak Ushnak-Ragalagajugaboo Ah-Err-Ah-RAARK-H’RRK-‘RRK-YDF-*Sprtt*, the Devilish Bureaucrat.


    Intro: Black Vortex (C) Kevin MacLeod.

    Outro: Promo for the Yorkton Gamer Guild’s Jade Regent Actual Play podcast.

    Song Priest’s Smiting Tune: City of the Bards by Koori-kun.

    Added silliness by P. Monkey.

    Click here to download this file

    • Posts : 872
    • Gelatinous Cube

    nice thank PM 🙂

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