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    File Name: Sundered Skies Grown-Up Edition Session 08

    File Submitter: ross

    File Submitted: 19 Nov 2013

    File Category: Savage Worlds

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    Cake Him Roughly From Behind

    October 15th, 2013.

    Welcome back to the Sundered Skies, happy listeners! Our Brave HeroesTM have charted a course towards a prodigious tower of macaroons – a confectionary pyramid, reaching for the skies!


    • Lemon sherbet!
    • Rhubarb and custard!
    • Liquorice and blackcurrant!
    • Chocolate-lime!
    • Not to mention the tantalizing Marbled Pear Drops Cake!

    Has Mary the Éclairy Fairy sold her husband Steve’s manly beard to the Devil for macaroon-making powers? And will she use Old Hob’s Noble gift for the betterment of mankind, or just sell magic macaroons to get rich enough to buy Cornwall? Find out in this extra cake-filled episode of the Sundered Skies!

    Special Birthday Contest:

    Guess Tina’s age and post your guess on the forums, and win a grand prize!

    (Prize may or may not consist of having Tina stalk the lucky ‘winner’, murdering them in their beds so they can never tell anyone.)

    Oh, and there’s some other stuff going on, as well. Character background interludes, blah blah blah, Tordek the Unlikeable trying to impress the dwarven king, more heroic souls to collect, ship-to-ship combat, Jerath getting wrongfully accused (seems to be a bit of a trend, there), the crew might be about to be executed, Swidge’s kazoo returns so the players may be about to flee the table, yada yada yada.

    Who cares? Just look at those MACAROONS!


    Fin – Sour Milk, white cat Wildling ninja.

    Max – Tordek the Unlikeable, Dwarven chef.

    Steve – Jerath, song-priest of the mad god Festival.

    Tina – Eyrie, an incredibly shiny Drakin sorceress/princess, and the ship’s owner.

    Ross – the GM.

    Intro: Black Vortex (C) Kevin MacLeod.

    Outro: Spanky the Upload-Bot presents a Sneak Preview of the Patron Exclusive BAG Red Box D&D: The Dark Mage’s Cloak!

    Screams of outrage by P. Monkey.

    Click here to download this file

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    39 minutes – much fun is poked, with Steve as the main victim recipient, due to his recently attained state of beardlessness:


    Tina: *Giggles* “You’ve got sparkles on your face.” 🙂

    Ross: “He’s always had it under the beard. That’s what he’s hiding, he’s really a Twilight vampire.” 😉

    Steve: “Could be worse, you could have a roleplaying party who were painting their van with a band of emo Pokémon.”

    Tina: “Oh dear, is this for your super villains game?” 😮

    Steve: “After each succesful mission, they paint a new band member on the side – so they had a dark Rapidash, and they’re trying to work out a way to do a Jigglypuff with a mohawk rather than a big curl.”

    Ross: “JigglyROUGH!”

    Steve: “They have killed one or two people, mainly truck drivers, so they can steal his truck.”

    @[member=”WhiteKnight”], you should check out the OOTAKu Gamers’ Necessary Evil recordings, if you haven’t done so already. Jayson AKA @[member=”LightPagoda”] played a nerdy brain-in-a-jar supervillain who developed a habit of stealing trucks to provide the group some transportation, and then souping up each vehicle with spraypainted decals on the sides, featuring portraits of the majestic Brain Bot, and upgrading the engines to make ’em into hover-trucks, that sort of thing. Sounds similar to the shenanigans that your super PCs got up to. 😉


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    PS: Have never heard of a Pokey-man called Jigglyruff, but if you use a Moonstone on a Jigglypuff…


    …It’ll evolve into Wigglytuff. 🙂


    Clearly, much more formidable and intimidating. 🙂


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    I think Brainbot may have cared more about that Mbuna he eventually got than the other team members.  He certainly spent more time on it.

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    So the BAGgies and OOTAK aren’t the only people who’ve got their priorities straight, viz-a-viz posing for a van decal being more important than saving the world. 😉

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