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    More adventures with the WHGs 🙂

    Sundered Skies Session 02

    Filesize: 33MB

    BigJackBrass wrote:
    Savage Worlds Sundered Skies 02: Dynamiting the Whale

    Jack may be too stout a fellow to venture into the narrow crawlspace, but the rest of the crew brave the cramped conditions and face something weird and menacing. Meanwhile, Jack slaps on the Factor 50 Glowblock and trots off to the surface to see if he can find his way to the rest of the crew.

    The Players:

    Martin: The GM

    The Lovely Emma: Mah La’ch G’urk, a mysterious Glowborn

    Ross: Grangus, a surprisingly reliable Orc

    Sara: J’elen, a Drakin

    Weasel: Jhel, a different Drakin, not that you can tell…

    Jon: Jack Lamprey, plenty of Human to go round

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Woot! Thanks. 🙂

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    Sorry to ‘necro’ this post, but were there any more recorded sessions of Sundered Skies run by the Whartson Hall group?

    I’m on a bit of a Sundered Skies kick at the moment, and recalled listening to these sessions a few years back.



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    Session 02 was the last Sundered Skies we recorded. Haven’t gone back to it, I’m afraid.

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    However… Ross and the Out of the Baggers have a longer running Sundered Skies series! Ably illustrated by Mr Pencil Monkey!

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    Thanks for that…

    I mean to listen to the Out of the Bag group… they are getting great comments and sound like they are having heaps of fun.

    Thanks again!


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